Romanesco; Minaret broccoli is an extraordinary vegetable that impresses with its unique pattern and color, also known as the green pyramid cauliflower or pyramid broccoli. With its appearance, it almost reminds an ornamental plant, flower.
Recurrent spiral -looking pyramid has the golden ratio of the curves of the cauliflower.
Vegetables were first produced in Italy. And essentially a mixture of cauliflower and broccoli.
What are the benefits? Romanesco vegetables are not only good look good. High carotenoids contain lutein, zeaksatin and beta-carotene. It is also a real vitamin C, zinc, iron and folate storage.
This vegetable has a rejuvenating effect, which supports skin health in particular.
It supports liver health with glucosinolates and thiocyanates in its content and helps strengthen the liver against toxic substances.
With its rich enzymes, Italian Romansco is an ideal detox food.
Like broccoli and cauliflower, the pyramid cauliflower is also rich in fiber. Again, like them, it contains a high rate of fodmap and is a vegetable that is not suitable for consumption of people with sibos. romansco how to cook? Pyramid broccoli recipe can be consumed like broccoli and cauliflower. The only difference is that the cooking time of pyramid broccoli is shorter than the others.
It can be consumed in the most common and healthy way in steam pot or boiled.
After boiling, it is more than enough to cook for 3-4 minutes after the water starts to boil.
It is also widely consumed by adding vegetable pots and stews.

Pyramid Broccoli Recipe Chickpeas Roma Salad Recipe is a healthy and delicious salad that can be prepared in a very practical way again.
In this salad, walnuts, sesame seeds, tahini, chickpeas and pyramid broccoli’s unique harmony reveals the palates.

Where does Romanesco Broccoli grow? When to plan? The most commonly in Italy in the world, especially in the northern regions of Italy, is very resistant to low temperatures.
It is very likely to raise the members of the cabbage family who love cool regions from seeds in our country. The cultivation of seeds is made in the most ideal summer at the end of the summer. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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