Sambal Sauce is an Indonesian cuisine recipe that has a wide history in Southeast Asia and is widely consumed in the world. They are also very popular in Malaysia and Singapore.
There are hundreds of different varieties of Sambal sauce. With small differences in the recipe, differences are created in the taste, texture and appearance.
Different cultures in Indonesia are the main source of these differences. There are more than 300 different ethnic groups in Indonesian archipelago.
In general, it is ideally painful, spicy complex. To reduce bitterness, the seed parts of the chili peppers are sometimes excluded from the recipe.
Sambal Oelek Sambal sauce in most cases finally carries the expression “oelek .. The oelek is not about a material in the sauce, but about the way the sauce is prepared. This expression emphasizes the stone mortar and stone mortar used to beat the peppers in the production of sauce.
In the traditional method, the peppers are slowly beaten in the mortar so that a high aroma is obtained.
The expression of the phrase also emphasizes a raw and simple sambalı. In other words, sauce is prepared by pouring in the mortar with the most basic materials (Chili pepper, salt vinegar or lemon juice).
However, of course, a kitchen robot can be used in a simple way to bring peppers to the desired consistency.
What’s in Sambal Sauce? The basic material of the sauce is red chili peppers. Sometimes green chili peppers are also used.
Peppers are accompanied by vinegar or lemon juice and salt.
The sauce prepared by beating and gaining a pastey consistency is not homogeneous.
In addition to the basic materials for coloring the recipe, garlic, shallots, hawk, lemon grass, tomatoes, shrimp, fish butter are also widely used.
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Is Sambal the same as Sriracha? Sambal and Sriracha are two popular spicy sosts of Southeast Asian origin. In some cases, they can be used interchangeably.
However, basically these two sauces are definitely different.
Sriracha is prepared with half dozen materials, including sugar. And it should be smooth in texture. Garlic flavor is dominant. Sambala is sweeter than compared to.
Sambal is more painful and less acidic than sriracha.

What is Sambal sauce eaten with? Sambal OELEK is compatible with almost every recipe. Salads, pickles, soups, casseroles, meat and chicken dishes and even potato fries can be served together. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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