Bearnez sauce (Bernez sauce) is considered one of the most delicious sauces served with red meat, especially with steak. It is at the head of the leading, classic sauces of French cuisine.
Bearnez Sosun, which is indispensable for quality meat restaurants, is laborious. The most ideal recipe must be whipped by hand for at least 15 minutes without interruption. Otherwise, the sauce reaches an unwanted consistency and thickens.
Of course, a blender can be supported to shorten the time and simplify the process. With the help of a blender, it will take up to 2 minutes to prepare the Bernez safes.
What’s in Bearnaise sauce? This recipe, which contains the basic elements of French cuisine, contains white wine vinegar, white wine, tarhun, chives parsley, shallots, butter (plain oil) and egg yolk.
Preference to simple oil (Ghee), which is completely free of milk as a butter, is one of the tricks of the recipe. The process of purification from butter milk can be completed at home. Or plain oil can be purchased ready.
White wine vinegar is preferred because it is in lighter aroma than standard white vinegar.
Tarhun and Frankish parsley have an important place in the recipe as the source of prominent high flavors of sauce.
The fact that the white wine to be used is not very sweet, woody or fruity is a significant trick again.

How to make easy bearnez sauce? The vinegar is brewed as a preliminary preparation before starting the construction of the sauce.
For vinegar brewing process, vinegar, white wine, herbs, pepper and shallots are boiled in a small pan for 2 minutes in a small pan. It is rested for 5 minutes to sweeten.
At the end of 5 minutes, the ingredients are filtered and allowed to cool completely.
When brewed vinegar is completely cooled, the egg yolks are transferred to a long container where the blender can enter.
After the blender starts to work, plain oil is gradually included in the container.
Simple oil should be added very slowly (it should last for 1 min). Otherwise, the sauce will be separated instead of giving up.
After the entire butter is added, the blender is operated by 20 -30 sec with upwards.
After this process, the sauce will be dark at a consistency similar to mayonnaise.
This consistency is not desired for Bernez sauce. At this stage, the tariff water is included to open consistency.
The addition of water should be gradually.
Bernez sauce should be thicker than the Hollandez sauce but more open than mayonnaise.
As the final touch, the recipe should be completed by including fresh tarragon and chives parsley.

Where is the Bearnez sauce used? This sauce is served in a classic form with red meat, especially with steak. However, it is also very high with salmon.
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