The Backster effect is an idea put forward by Clever Backster as a result of various plant experiments.
Do plants have emotions? Does it have the ability to perceive beyond sensory?
Most of us assume that plants are numb and absolutely not psychic.
However, Clever Backster not only reacts to the physical and chemical stimuli of plants, but also has the ability to know the feelings and thoughts of the beings around them, and completely rejects that they are numb!
Although there are no other studies that support the results of Backster, it may be in communication with us, and that the ideas may have emotions and even psychic perceptions, and the ideas have been met by people very interesting and attractive.
C. Backster and let’s talk a little more of this extraordinary hypothesis! nlerir/ Cleve Backster Who is? In the 1960s, he was a researcher who continued his studies on the criminal inquiry and suspicious inquiry for the United States Central Intelligence Organization (CIA).
During the period when Backster worked there, he and other researchers set up the CIA’s first lie machine unit.
They started to use the machine known as a lie detector or a lie machine.
This machine was a machine using electrodes to monitor changes in the respiratory rate, blood pressure and galvanic skin response.
While lying, the autonomic nervous system was designed upon the war or how many modes of entering.
The blood pressure and heart rate of the lying person would increase and tend to sweat, a galvanic skin response.
The machine uses data collected to calculate statistical data; The calculated data were converted to graphics marks.

Backster Effect & Herbal Psişism in the mid -1960s, the Cleve Backster began to think about the alternative use of the lie.
While watering the Dracaena plant, an alternative use of the lie machine came to mind.
Backster thought if Galvanic skin reaction electrodes can follow the movement of water from roots to leaves.
As Backster expected that the water would cause changes in electrical resistance as the water moved in the plant and that there would be a decrease in the resistance shown by a line upward on the lie machine, based on its current knowledge.
The expected change did not occur. However, about a minute after the experiment, the plant began to exhibit traces of a lie -like lying machine.

A threat to the person’s own good (or the health of a loved one) could lead to significant changes in the traces of the human lying machine.
According to this principle, Backster continued his research on the emotionality of plants. Backster tied a galvanic skin response electrode to a Dracaena plant.
Then he chose a adjacent leaf and immersed a cup of hot coffee. There was no significant change in the traces of polygraph. Backed and still conducting the experiment, Backster began to think of other ideas. He thought of burning the leaf next to the burning match.
As stated by Backster, the traces of the lie machine at that time showed significant sudden elevations. The tracking changes of the plant were like that of a person in trouble! You can subscribe to our bulletin to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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