Balmumu is a completely natural and valuable substance produced by beeswax bees. The miracle of this nature has been used by people for centuries. For a better skin, for healthier hair, the preferred wax to heal wounds is also consumed by oral, beating. Honey candle is also a part of the cosmetic sector.
The most important reason for the preference of Balmum in cosmetics is superior moisturizing, softening effect. But the effects on the skin are of course not limited to this.
Honey candle has regular use and even deep wrinkles on the skin have a opening effect.
[Button Link = “” Color = “Orange” Newwindow = “Yes”] It can be thought that it will block its pores. This is a wrong idea. Honey candle is not a substance that prevents the skin from airing. With its special structure, it protects the skin by forming a layer against external influences, but it does not block the pores.
Honey wax is generally ideal for sensitive skin that reacts allergic to cosmetic products. Irritated skin is relaxing. It is a substance with a low risk of allergy.
Beeswas has a moisture -holding effect on our hair as in the skin.
It also prevents hair loss and supports fast hair growth.
Wax wound treatment [button link = “ When the wax comes together with natural olive oil, it turns into a very effective wound ointment. Recipe for Honey Walking Cream, where you can get very good results in a short time with regular use:

Honey candle cream
Put the honey candle up to half a cup of honey and 1 cup of olive oil in a small pot.
Heat the mixture over low heat until the wax melts.
When the wax melts completely, put it in a small bowl or jar without waiting for the mixture to cool.
You can store honey candle cream to room temperature.
You can apply this mixture to the area which is a simple wound daily. The mixture is also effective in sunspots and cracks.
Can you eat a honey candle? Yes, wax is eaten. However, there are many products that are mixed with chemicals in the market, not completely pure. In fact, industrial production finds its place in the market in the products sold as honey candles.
These products are not suitable for consumption as food. Such products should be avoided. In order to consume as food, you should choose pure honey candle that you are sure of the source for external use. Otherwise, you are more likely to be damaged.
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