Bee pollen is full of nature miracles and healing. Bee pollen is only one of the small miracles of nature.
A bee works for about 240 hours to produce only 6 grams of pollen. These pollen are produced by workers’ bees.
Pollen is used to feed and strengthen by young bees. This very special product, which is protein, lecithin, live enzymes, folic acid, bioflavonoid and concentrated vitamins and minerals, is full of a wide range of vitamins and minerals necessary for humans.
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Bee pollen improves and regulates the intestinal flora so that it helps to get rid of various digestive disorders.
Pollen has a natural antibiotic effect.
It helps to remove radiation from the body.
Anti-aging properties are very strong.
During the period of menstrual pains.
Fertility in women is increasing. It increases the number of sperm and sperm quality in men.
Increases the milk quality of breastfeeding mothers.
In anemic people, it increases the number of hemoglobin.
It is reducing complaints due to seasonal allergies.
It can help to lose weight due to the lecith it contains.
It is alleviating asthma.
Regulating blood sugar level.
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How to use bee pollen? Pollen can be used as a daily basis for 1 teaspoon.
It is suitable for use alone or with products such as honey, bee milk.
Pollen; It can also be consumed by mixing salads, smoothies, fruit juice, milk or yogurt.
However, care should be taken not to be heated. With heat, pollen loses all its benefits.

Is the bee pollen hungry or full? The use of pollen to the hungry stomach is recommended. Consumption at least half an hour before breakfast in the morning is suitable.

Does the bee pollen break down? Yes, if it is exposed to direct sunlight or high heat, pollen may be broken.
The most suitable storage for pollen will be in the refrigerator.

How long does the pollen last in the refrigerator? The pollen can be stored in the refrigerator for 1 year from production under favorable conditions.

Who can’t use pollen? Pollen use of liver and kidney patients is not recommended.

How much is pollen consumed per day? 1 teaspoon is sufficient and ideal for daily use of pollen.
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