Yogurt grass is a wild plant that grows spontaneously in open lands and gardens.
It is also referred to as adhesive grass, circumcision, pazine and shepherd filter.
Yellow yogurt grass This rural plant is among the edible herbs. Moreover, it is also used externally on the skin. There are two types of yellow flowers and white flowers. White flowering yogurt grass is more common and early. Yellow flowering type grows in high altitude places. More rare.
White floral rainy grass begins to be seen in nature in spring. The season ends with summer and heat. At the beginning of the summer, yellow flowering species season and harvest begins. Since the yellow species is more rare and valuable, it is also referred to as “genuine yogurt grass”. Both species have similar effects and are used in a similar way. Where does adhesive grass grow? The places where yogurt grass grows are very diverse. It easily adapts to a wide range of climates. It is possible to come across white yogurt grass in almost every province and region. The yellow species is seen only in high altitude areas.
The white species is a species that can extend too much compared to other weeds. It adheres to other plants with thin hairs on it. This feature is also referred to as adhesive grass.
Even if you don’t know the name, the plant that sticks to your skirt or pants while wandering in a countryside is probably yogurt grass 🙂
So what does yogurt grass do? How to use?
Strengthens the immune system. It is known to be used to recover after a severe disease.
It is diuretic. In complaints such as kidney stones and sand; It is used in urinary tract problems.
Anti -inflammation.
Liver and lymph cleaner.
It is a unique edema and toxic shooter.
It has a protective effect against cancer.
Psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and eczema, such as skin problems is quite an effect.
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In addition, it is known that it is used for a wide variety of diseases such as lymph node, fibrocystic breast inflammation and tonsillitis.

In which season yogurt grass? It is possible to harvest the plant from spring to the end of autumn. It can be used in dry states in other times.
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How to use yogurt grass? The leaves, seeds and even flowers of the plant are also used.
Seeds can be consumed by brewing coffee.
Heads can be consumed by brewing fresh shoots and leaves.
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Yogurt can be used for skin application such as tonic after brewing for wrinkles. This natural tonic has wrinkle -opener effect. It is also known to be used for hemorrhoids.
Rainfall prepared by brewing and cooling can also be used as a mouthwash. In this form, the guitra -related pain may also be mitigating.
It is also possible to make cold brewing with fresh sticky grass plant. For this, 1 pinch of fresh or dried grass is taken into a jar and 1 cup of water is added. The jar is closed and stored in the refrigerator all night. The next day, the water is consumed on an empty stomach.

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