How to dried the palm of paradise? Paradise is a fruit that adds flavor to its flavor when dried. Drying the fruit of paradise is quite laborious, it is a job that requires patience and time. Many process steps are followed. [Button Link = “ How to dried? Paradise palm is not fully mature, half of the raw fruits are preferred. Fully mature dates tend to deteriorate during drying, fly and easily deteriorate. The most ideals of dried half of the raw dates that are not yet ready to eat. [Button Link = “ Yes, before the drying process, the shells of Trabzon palm should be peeled. If the shells of the fruit are not peeled, the mouth of the dried fruit will give a taste here. If it is desired to have a sweet taste like honey, the shells should be peeled and peeling thin and separated from the fruit. How to dried the palm of heaven? No, drying should be done without breaking the stems of the fruits of paradise. This is because the fruits will be connected to the ropes from these stems. The fruit of paradise should be connected to the ropes and dried without touching a floor. Therefore, the stems of the fruit should not be severed. What should be done to prevent flies when drying the Paradise? Flies are your head enemy while preparing dry paradise apple. In addition, the apples of paradise that do not survive under appropriate conditions may mold, harmful bacteria formation may occur. There is a simple but vital solution against such possible negativities. The dates that are peeled and connected to the ropes should be dipped in salt water for half a minute before hanging to dry. Salt will protect fruits. Where is Paradise Apple dried? Ideal for drying Paradise apples is a windy but sunny dry air. In rainy or very humid environments, drying should not be done. Such air causes mold. The mold will be harmful to human health. This applies not only to Paradise palm but for all other dried fruits. In the stove room, drying can be done next to the stove. If you do not have a suitable environment, you can also dry a small number of dates on heating honeycombs. How does the palm of heaven mature? The dates that are peeled and hanged will gradually mature spontaneously without the need for an extra processing. How long does Paradise Apple dries? The drying time of the fruit of paradise may vary according to the temperature and humidity of the drying environment. Dates can be ready for 20-25 days. If the temperature is too low, the wind is low, if the drying is done in a closed environment, it may take 3-4 months. After drying the dried Trabzon palm, it will be flour slowly and will be further sweetened. How to dried the palm of paradise? Paradise Apple Drying Apparatus is a plastic apparatus in a hooked structure designed to easily dry the dates. It can be easily supplied at an affordable price on the internet. Paradise Hurmasi hanger, Paradise Apple Hanging Apparatus with the names of internet search can be made. How to get rid of paradise in the oven? Another method of drying the fruit of paradise is to dry in the oven. Specially produced drying furnaces can be used for this process. Drying can also be made with classic kitchen ovens. Drying will last up to 10-12 hours. The furnace should be adjusted to the lowest temperature, fan. Occasionally, dates should be inverted. Paradise dates must be taken before the oven is placed in the stalks, if the stems remain on the fruit will burn. How is the palm of heaven dried by slicing? The fruit of paradise can be dried by hanging in an airy place or slicing in the oven. The process steps mentioned above are also used to dry the sliced ​​paradise palm. The advantage of the palm of paradise is slicing and drying is that the drying process will be much shorter. How to hide dried paradise? Like all dried fruits, nuts and spices, the palm of paradise should be stored in dry, moisture -free, direct sun. Especially in summer, the most ideal place to store the fruit of paradise that can be easily deteriorated due to hot in the summer months is the refrigerator. When the fruit of paradise enters the refrigerator, a little will harden. However, when you wait for a while at room temperature before eating, the palms will be soft again. Cotton pouches are also ideal for storing dates. How to eaten dried paradise? Date is a great accompanying in breakfast, next to tea. They can be consumed by slicing or in whole. It can also be eaten together with walnuts and almonds. [Button Link = “ 1 “I love the dates of paradise, but I don’t have time to dry palm, my environment is not suitable,” if you say address, you can buy the paradise dates dried outdoors in the most natural season with internal comfort. [Button Link = “” Newwindow = “Yes”] You can subscribe to our newsletter and follow our instagram page.