Which molasses are more useful? Which molasses do what benefit? Which one does blood, it makes you gain weight? Which ones open appetite, good for cough, height extends? If these questions are tampering with you, our article is for you!
Keçiboynuzu, black mulberry, white mulberry, grapes, Andız and even palm .. variety of fruits are made of various kinds of molasses.
Some of the molasses obtained with traditional recipes or new generation methods contain additional sugar, while some contain only the sugar of the fruit.
Which of these molasses is more useful? Of course, it is impossible to give a clear answer to this question. Because every molasses prepared correctly are very useful for our body. What is important at this point is what we use as a priority.
Which molasses make blood? Makes iron? Each molasses has more or less blood -forming properties. However, grapes and carob molasses are one step forward with their effects against iron deficiency.
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Which molasses are good for allergy?
When it is reduced to complaints of the allergic bodies, Andiz molasses leaves all molasses behind.
Andız molasses is also very effective in combating skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema.
Which molasses is good for cough? Molasses black pepper lemon is good for coughing?
Black mulberry or white mulberry molasses may be preferred for dry cough complaints.
Mulberry molasses is also suitable for the use of children in the reduction of cough complaints.
Molasses black pepper lemon is an effective mixture in rapid recovery of cough.
Which molasses will gain weight? Opens appetite? All molasses have a weight gain effect on regular and high amounts of use.
Molasses can also be used for children who cannot gain weight.
Grape molasses and white mulberry molasses are more calorie than other molasses. With this feature, it may be the first choice for those who want to gain weight.
If molasses are preferred for weight gain, 1 teaspoon consumption in the morning in the morning is ideal.
When consumption of molasses together with tahini is regular, weight gaining, appetizing effect is seen.
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