Do dogs eat fruit? Which fruits are given to dogs? Is there any harm in dogs eating fruit? This article is closely related to our furry friends!
Do dogs eat fruit? Just like humans, healthy dogs are well balanced; It needs a rich diet for proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals.
As such, it makes sense to add the amount of fruits suitable for their nutrition.
To allow them to be fed with fruits that are completely safe for dogs will both make them happy and have a very positive effect on intestinal health.
Veterinarians are also aware of the fact that dogs do not overdo them and to consume fruit with the record of avoiding the inconvenient ones.
Which fruits are given to dogs? What are the benefits of these fruits for dogs? Banana is one of the fruits where dogs eat. Banana is a great potassium and vitamin C store for dogs like humans. It has natural antiacid feature.
Orange is a source of fiber and vitamin C for dogs. Strengthens the immune system and accelerates blood circulation. It is especially recommended after injuries.
It is an ideal fruit for our furry friends who are oldly older with their immune system strengthening.
The apple is also one of the useful fruits for them with its hard and juicy structure and the taste of the dogs. Fresh apples containing plenty of vitamin B and C help dog digestion.
Blueberry is a natural food that runs to the aid of dog lovers to cope with urinary tract infection. In particular, urinary tract diseases, where female dogs are widely caught, are painful and disturbing.
Adding blueberries to the nutrition of your animal can save you from frequent capture in these painful processes.
Pineapple is also among the fruits that are not inconvenient for dogs.
It is an anti -inflammatory fruits that support bone health of dogs.

Do dogs eat fruit? As you can see, the answer to this question can be answered as “yes ..
Dogs can safely consume various fruits fresh or dried.
The fruit should not be given to dogs together with the main course. The reason for this is that the enzymes used to digest the fruits are different.
The ideal timing for eating fruit is about half an hour before eating or at least 2 hours after eating.
Make sure that the fruits you give to your dog are completely separated from the seeds, stalk parts and safely.
Do not allow your dog to overdo in fruit consumption and make it consume less fruits with high sugar content.

Do dogs eat fruit?
Can dogs eat cherries? Cherry is not a good choice for dogs. Especially the cherry’s seed can cause serious problems for dogs. Stomach disorders can be triggered by cherry consumption.

Can dogs eat plums? Plum is also an appropriate food for dogs.
In particular, the core part is among the things that should be avoided as dogs can block the intestines.

Can dogs eat watermelon? Is it a strawberry? Yes, there is no harm in consuming a small amount of watermelon. However, the kernels of the seeds and the outer shell of the watermelon can be dangerous for dogs.
The seeds are intestinal clogging, while shells can trigger intestinal problems.
1 slice of watermelon shells and seeds completely by separating them with your feathered friend.
Strawberry is also suitable for the consumption of dogs. But the amount should never be overcome. More than 1 strawberry can disturb your dog. Is fruit juice given to dogs? It is not healthy to give your dog from fruit juices that are sold ready. These ready -made fruit juices contain artificial sweeteners. Moreover, sugar loads are very high. You can give it to your dog, albeit a little bit of freshly squeezed fruit juices at home. Never overdo it while giving fruit juice to your dog, even if it contains fresh and clean content. Harmful fruits to dogs are grapes, figs, coconut, avocado dogs should never eat fruits. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists and campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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