Which palm is better quality? Which one does blood? Which one does milk?
Various dates in the world grows. Some larger, some fuller, some darker in color… So what’s the highest quality palm? Which is healthier?
Let’s take a closer look at the dates!
But first in general, “What should we pay attention to when buying palm?” Let’s review the question!
WHAT SHOULD BE ATTENTION WHEN YOU TAKE DALM? If we put aside the type and quality of the palm, there are a few important tricks that we should not pay attention to in the exchange of palm in general.
The first of these is that the dates we buy are still above the handle at the end.
This tiny handle stabs the palm of the palm without perishable. It prevents it from being saved quickly.
And moreover, it keeps the dates in a much longer period of time to remain soft and ideal.
The interior of the freshest dates is very open compared to the outer part. If it is close to stale, the interior gradually gets a dark color.
The color of this interior also offers you a good hint for your palm shopping.
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How to understand glucose palm? When buying palm, the other issue that should be considered is that the dates are dipped into the glucose syrup.
Glucose -containing dates should not be preferred as our body will bring more damage instead of benefit.
It is not very difficult to distinguish glucose dates.
The palm of the syrup are much brighter. It seems to have a layer on them. It is a very sticky texture that meets you when you put your hand on this layer.
Generally, the dates, which are generally cheap priced and have low sugar and fiber ratio due to their nature, are sold in this way with glucose.
Iranian palm and Tunisian palm are usually located in this category.

White spots in palm are more common in palmas with high sugar content.
Whiteness is a sign of the natural sugar of the date and is completely harmless.
There is no need to avoid consuming a palm that you see white spots on the surface.
A similar image is also common in dry figs or dried paradise fruit.
How to hide palm? Dates are fruits that you can store at room temperature. Keeping the dates in closed glass containers will keep them fresh for a longer period of time.
If you have a lot of palm that you cannot consume in a large amount and in a short time, it will be a wise choice to store them on the lid or fruit part of the refrigerator. However, for dates, parts of the cabinet should never be preferred.
Are the dates were washed? Like most dry fruits, palm is a proposed fruit to be washed by washing.
However, dates should be washed only before and in the amount to be consumed shortly without consuming.
It is not recommended to keep the dates that you will not consume quickly by washing them. This can cause mold and wolf.
There is no need to wash fresh dates. However, it must be stored in the refrigerator.

Which palm quality? Which one is better? Let’s come to what kind of palm is higher!
Medjool palm
These dates are one of the most delicious dates known. They are highly meaty, large size and soft dates.
They are often preferred fresh.
Acve palm
This species usually comes from Saudi Arabia. It is quite soft. The risk of this type of pesticide and glucose syrup is quite low.
It is one of the highest quality palm. This species, which is quite thin and delicious, maintains its freshness for a long time.
Omani, Piarom, Mazafati, Bern, Safari species such as high quality and delicious species. The colors and sizes of these species are varied. Since sugar and fiber rates are not too low, the probability of containing glucose syrup can be considered low.
Which palm does milk? Date; It is one of the nutrients that can increase the prolactin of the hormone that promotes milk production in the body. In addition, it is supporting the development of the baby with the ratio of iron and potassium. For this purpose, first quality Medjool or mebrum Medina palm may be preferred. https://egepazarindan.com/kaliteli-zeytinyagi-nasil-anlasilililililililililililirililirililik-Nedir/ You can subscribe to our Bulletin to be informed of our informational articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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