If you are looking for plants that remove the air, if you are after the flowers that will be productive beyond a pleasant image for your home, this article is for you!
Scientists emphasize that choosing the right air cleaner plants for your home can help detoxify the air in your living spaces, and therefore help improve your quality of life.
So the plants in your house, the flowers are now beyond looking beautiful!
NASA’s clean air work again supports that various house plants can clean the air of the house.
As the winter months approach, the need for fresh air in the houses increases more due to windows and doors that are constantly closed.
Let’s take a look at the plants that can help us to breathe a better air in our homes!
Which plants that clean the air are? Bamboo palm
An ideal lounge plant that easily adapts to low light conditions.
It is famous for removing elegant, curved leaves, especially formaldehyde from the air. They are a great air cleaners in all respects.
This durable, low -care house plant is also one of those who cleans the air again.
The rubber plant, which naturally moisturizes the air, is also included in the list that determines by NASA.
Aloe vera
The healing aloe vera plant is among the plants you can look at in your home even though it loves sunny environments. Aloe Vera, which is also used in wound maintenance, is also a master in cleaning the air of your environment.
Usually in plastics, detergents and adhesives, including ammonia and benzene, including a series of toxin filtering a series of chrysanthemum is one of the prominent of the list.
British winding
This easy -to -grow perennial vine is particularly effective in reducing the remaining stool particles hanging in the air, which makes it an excellent air cleaning plant for bathrooms and toilets.
In addition, research has shown that ivy can also help combat mold levels in the house.
Barberton chamomile
Barberton daisy, as well as adding a cheerful red, yellow, orange or pink color to the houses; Formaldehyde, which is found in various home supplies from dyes to synthetic fibers, is an effective cleanser of tricloroethylene and benzene toxins.
What are the plants that bring the air in the house to clean the air? Pasha sword
The pasha sword in your bedroom is a trigger for a great night sleep.
This pointed -tipped succulent, also known as the language of mother -in -law, helps you breathe better while sleeping at night.
Formaldehyde is one of the best plants for air filtering of ksilen, benzene, toluen and tricloroethylene.
Hall Wedding (Pothos)
Living room winding, famous for its large, waxed leaves, is perfect for keeping the air clean in the house.
If you are not very good in dealing with plants, Pothos can be a good start for you too!
Ribbon flower
For beginners to the house plant, ribbon flower is also a good choice again.
Ribbon flower; It fights toxins such as carbon monoxide and xylen, a solvent used in printing and rubber industries.
If you have pets, it is one of the few non -toxic house plants for these animals.

Flowers that give home oxygen benjamin
Benjamin, which has been among the popular house plants since the Victorian period; Formaldehyde in the air can help overcome the levels of shorts and toluen.
China with her
China, which has a very pleasant living room plant with its variegated leaves, has been proven by scientific studies that the formaldehyde and benzene found in detergents and cosmetics is an effective cleanser.
Kentya Palm
It is an incredibly resistant, elegant, elegant and cleaning of the air.
The perfect for adding color to your room is an antoruyum, a great air cleaner plant for beginners and residents.
Salmon red is perfect in cleaning air as well as having heart -shaped leaves.
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