Why are nuts kept in water? The question may also be tampering with your mind. A very detailed answer to this question is waiting for you in this article!
Raw nuts are a sine qua non of a healthy diet. In order to benefit from the nutritional values ​​at the highest level, it is a very wise application to keep nuts in water before eating.
The basis of this application extends to the Aztecs. Seed nutrients form the main nutrient of Aztek culture.
Before consuming the seeds, it is known that they keep it in salt water and then dry it in the sun. At the end of the drying process, some seeds are all consumed and some are consumed by grinding.
Why are nuts kept in water?
Keep nuts in water
Keeping nuts in water helps them easy to digest.
How is Phytic Acid destroyed?
Phytic acid and similar anti -nutrients are neutralized.
It increases the absorption rate of vitamins and minerals in nuts. Especially zinc absorption from dry nuts that are not kept in water is very low.
Zinc is vital for the correct functioning of our immune system. Salt water or only water may be preferred for waiting in water.
Why are nuts kept in water? How to activate nuts? The benefits of wetting the nuts before eating are obvious. So, for how long should the nuts be soaked?
If you are not subject to drying in the oven after wetting the nuts, the amount to be soaked should not be too much.
A slightly deep, glass bowl is ideal for wetting.
All soaked nuts should remain under the water.
If wetting is made in salt water, 1 teaspoon of rock salt will be enough.
Eats should not be covered when wetting.
Seed nuts should be activated by keeping at least 8 water in water.

If you have soaked a high amount of nuts, it is essential to make drying.
In the oven set to 65 degrees, a slow drying can be done up to 12 hours or a food dryer may be preferred.
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How to keep the nuts? Wet and dry the nuts you have soaked in the closed glass jars, directly storage the direct sun.
Storing in the refrigerator or cellar.

Walnut in water to wait in the walnut in water and then to provide support to weaken by drinking the walnut water is quite popular. But this intense water containing phytic acid; It is causing pain in the joints and diarrhea. In long -term use, serious side effects may occur.
Not only nuts, but also cereals and pulses should be kept in water before eating like nuts. In this way, the benefit we receive from our food will increase.
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