The Priticin diet emerged in the late 1970s and took its foundation from a diet book of the same name.
Although this diet is not known in our country, it continues to be popular even in the world even today.
Priticin diet also includes daily exercises to what you will be defeated and what you will not be defeated.
Basic logic; Low -fat and high -fiber processed foods with non -processed foods.
When you maintain the diet regularly, it promises weight loss, higher adult and ideal cardiovascular health.
The most important disadvantage of the priticin is that the oil has a very small place in the diet content. It is a choice of healthy feeding diets of recent years.
In addition, the restriction and prohibition list of this diet is quite long. This makes it difficult to maintain the diet for a long time.
What is Pritikin diet? It was put forward by Nathan Pritikin and book. Nathan Pritikin is not a medical doctor or a healthcare professional. The interest and interest in healthy life is based on its own experiences and public health observations in World War II.
Prinini was also a heart patient. But he had his own theories in the solution of this problem. For this reason, he did not consider the advice of his doctor and did not use the drugs given to him. He managed to get rid of his own heart disease with his diet and exercise program.
The program contained low oil and a diet with high -processed fiber content, and simultaneous daily exercise.
This situation was welcomed with excitement in the medical world. Pritikin’s work has been involved in famous medical magazines.
The Priticine program was not just about diet and exercise. It included activities that emphasize various mind-body balance, such as the habit of holding a regular diary and laughing work, which was added to the diet away from processed foods.

How does pritikin work work? Approximately 10-15 % of calories are made of oil,
15-20 %of protein
and 65-75%should come from complex carbohydrates.
In addition to the diet, cardiovascular conditioning exercises are performed 6 days a week.
Weight training is limited to 2-3 days a week.
The third and last important element of the Priticin program after diet and exercise is the integrity of healthy body and mind.
In this context, the program emphasizes the concepts of “commitment”, “control”, “connection” and “difficulty”.
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