Stringing cabbage, wrapping cabbage to the feet or legs, even wrapping cabbage into the breasts is a recent alternative method.
Wrapping cabbage leaves into the body is applied for a wide range of reasons, especially to get rid of joint pain and joint inflammation, to reduce rheumatic pain, to light up edema and swelling. nler/ string cabbage wrapping the cabbage wrapping cabbage to the knees and other joints.
In this study, cabbage winding and painkillers and inflammatory effect and the substance called Diclofenac, one of the basic substances of painkillers.
According to this small -scale study, cabbage leaves on joint pain complaints can give even better results than this substance.
So how is this implementation of this quality of life, alleviating joint pain?
How to hug cabbage leaf for knee pain? Wash and clean the cabbage well, dry and cut the thick veins with a knife.
Take 3-4 wide leaf from the remaining part, wrap your knees well. You can use the winding gland or foil to fix it.
Cabbage leaves can remain on the knees for at least 1 hour. For a higher level of effect, you can wrap the leaves before bedtime and keep them on the knees all night.
Attention! If your skin is very sensitive and easily allergic reactions, be cautious.
Wrapping cabbage to the feet or wrapping cabbage into the legs can also be applied in the same way. It is recommended to use more leaves for the leg.
If you are going to apply cabbage wrapping to the legs to help melt fat in the legs rather than pain, you can use honey together with cabbage leaves.

If you put cabbage leaf on your chest … Cabbage leaf can also be applied to the breast. The reason for the use of cabbage in the breasts is to help alleviate breasts and swelling of the breasts due to breastfeeding.
Cabbage leaves are wrapped as one in a way to grasp the breasts like a container. Bra or athlete can be used to fix it.
For the breasts, the application is made for 20 minutes. You can remove the leaves when you feel that your chest starts to heat.
Even though the string cabbage or wrapping cabbage into the legs is the most common applications, this application can be made to other different parts of the body.
For example, for thyroid complaints, it is known that the neck is applied to the neck area or to the head due to complaints such as stress, fatigue and headache. A hat can be used to fix the leaves wrapped in the head. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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