Zahter pickled or salamu is delicious and healthy recipes that you can simply prepare in your home during the fresh zahter season.
Salamura, which brings together olive oil with scented sharp thyme, is actually a method of storing fresh thyme for a long time. Zahter Salamura is both served in breakfast and adds color to your tables for lunch and dinner as a appetizer.
Prepared with abundant olive oil, zahter thyme pickles are prepared with clean water like classic pickles.
Zahter thyme
Zahter is from the same family as oregano. It is easily separated from the garden thyme with its smell and appearance. It is also known as pointed thyme or mountain thyme. It is gathered from mountainous lands in the early spring and summer. Harvest time may vary depending on the region.
Salamura Zahter Recipe Ingredients
Fresh zahter thyme enough to fill a medium -sized jar
Half a liter cold squeezed olive oil
2 tablespoons of coarse rock salt
Half lemon juice
1 teaspoon of chili peppers -pain or sweet according to my name-
1-2 slices of lemon
2 cloves of garlic -according to my name-
Let’s start by making the jar suitable for pickle. Let’s wash the glass jar and lid with hot water and let it dry.
At that time, let’s wash and clean our fresh thyme well. If there are bad, darkening parts, let’s remove it. Let’s extract the rough stems.
Let’s rest thymes for a while to leave the juice.
When the thyme dry, we rub the grains with lemon juice, chili peppers and salt and transfer them to the jar.
Place garlic and lemon slices on the edges of the jar and fill the jar with olive oil to leave all the ingredients below.
Let’s close the lid of the jar tightly and lift it to the refrigerator for a long -term rest.
Usually a 15 -day rest is sufficient. A week for a more alive taste can be held up to 1 month for softer thyme.
Enjoy your meal!

How to Pickle Zahter? Similar steps are followed in pickles, but water is used instead of olive oil. It is important to have water without chlorine clean drinking water.
Olive oil can be replaced with olive oil so that the recipe remains exactly the same. You can subscribe to our Bulletin to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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