Mahlep or Mahlep cherry is a fruit grown in small shrub -type trees. This fruit is a member of the rose family. It is the rootstock plant of cherry and cherry plants.
Mahleb trees grow in various regions in our country. Tokat and Mardin are very common in our provinces. It is known that it adapts to a wide range of climatic types in the world. It is a wild species.
Latin name: Prunus Mahalb L.
The seeds in the fruit (core) are like cherry seeds. While the nuclei with a hard peel is fresh, the taste of fresh almonds (Çağla) resembles it.
The seeds are usually used in tables after drying and grinding. It is possible to use in powdered mahlebi sweet and salty recipes.
[Button Link = “ Bread, cake, donut, cookies, biscuits, oil lamps, Ramadan pita, Easter bun and other pastries are common.
In addition, it is served with sautéed vegetables in world kitchens. It is added to soups and especially carrots, pumpkin recipes.
Adding a very small amount in rice making is the taste of rice.
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