Damiana herb is a type of shrub that does not grow in our country. This plant grows most often in Central and South American countries.
Latin name: Turnera Diffusa, Turnera Aphrodisiaca
The most widely used leaves of this plant is used by drying. Leaves are believed to have Aphrosian effects in women and men.
In addition, the name is mentioned as a “appetite cutter” plant.
It is known that Damiana plant is widely used in alternative medicine applications as a support product in the treatment of depression, chronic headache, constipation and menstrual disorders.
However, scientific evidence that supports the positive effects of the treatment of such complaints is still inadequate.
Damiana Afrozdisiac Effects
It is thought that flavonoids contained in the plant bring about aphrodisiac effects.
Increased sexual desire, advanced clitoral sensation, frequency of orgasm, decrease in vaginal dryness, as well as decrease in premenopaus, perimmenopause, post -menopausal complaints are thought to be effective.
What are the effects on Damiana grass on appetite? Some studies have found evidence that a herbal formula containing Damiana can help suppress appetite.
According to the study, this herbal formula delays stomach ejaculation for another 20 minutes.

How to use Damiana? The dried leaves of the plant can be consumed like tea by brewing. It is quite difficult to find these leaves in our country.
Apart from the natural plant form, there are also liquid extracts and capsules.
What are the side effects of Damiana? What are Damiana leaf damages? Damiana is generally considered safe.
However, the consumption of 200 grams of Damiana extract or more has been associated with serious side effects.
Side effects:
Symptoms similar to poisoning of rabies or stress
Damiana plant can reduce blood sugar. Therefore, it is not suitable for the use of people with diabetes receiving medications that reduce insulin or other blood sugar.
It is not suitable for use by pregnant and breastfeeding people.
If you take prescription medications, consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking this plant. Low -level interactions of the plant with drugs have been reported.
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