Airfryer Fritous or lean fritous, hot air fritözü has recently a very popular small home device. Is this device really healthy, especially in demand by the masses who take care of their eating habits?
Let us examine Air Fryerler more closely!
Airfryer is now presented as an alternative method of consuming our favorite and delicious fried foods. Less fat and no fry!
What to cook? Potato fries, meatballs, fish, onions, potatoes sketches, crispy panels, pastry, pastries, coats… And much more are among these tools.
How does it work? Air Fryerlar aims to give a crispy form by blowing hot air into the outermost layer of the foods placed in principle. This event results in a chemical reaction called “maillard reaction ..
The reaction also brings various changes in the color, form and flavor of the food in the tool.
Foods in this small home device contain lower calorie and less fat than those who are fried in deep oil.
In airfriats, a very close taste is obtained in deep oil fried taste. However, the amount of oil used is much less. This amount is often only 1 tablespoon!
So what do you think is the amount of fat we use when frying in deep oil?
Probably much more than your mind right now!
At least 3 cups !!!
Is Air Fryer Fritöz healthy healthy? Hot air frites; It can be considered a healthier alternative than fried foods.
The nutrients obtained with these tools contain lower fat and calories than fried.
They even have a lower risk of potentially harmful compounds.
If you want to lose weight, provide weight control and reduce your intake of fat to your body, it can be a good choice for you to choose hot air fritör instead of deep frying.

Is Airfryer harmful? Although these tools are a great alternative to foods that are fried in a pan in many ways, they bring various health risks.
Although the potatoes you cook with little oil on your small household appliance may seem healthier than fried ones, excessive consumption can bring about weight problems, problems that threaten cardiovascular health.
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