The mushroom does not reach us in a clean way, whether it was taken from the market or from the market open. It often has soil, mud pieces on it.
This soil and mud pieces are the most innocent side of the subject. Bacteria and agricultural drugs that we cannot see with our eyes are the main issue. In particular, spraying in production, because spraying is very common.
Because of these possible dangers, we would like to wash mushrooms with plenty of water as in other vegetables.
However, the mushrooms werehed with water are lost and can be snapped. It becomes a tire.
Is the mushroom kept in water? It is even worse to leave mushrooms in water for a long time.
Mushrooms contain 85-95 %water. This ratio is already very high and mushrooms do not need to suck more water than outside.
Even if we keep it in the water and rinse instantly, loss of flavor will probably be experienced.
So what do we do in this situation? How do we clean the mushrooms?
Mushroom vinegar is washed in water? No way. It is definitely not a good idea to wash the mushroom with acidic vinegar, which is so sensitive to water. Oyster mushroom washed? No, it won’t be washed. Every information below is also valid for oyster mushrooms. The most ideal way to clean mushrooms will not be suitable for washing with water due to porous, fast absorbent structure and high water content.

So how do we clean these mushrooms?
Here are the ideal mushroom cleaning method consisting of 3 steps:
Detect visible dirt on the mushrooms. If it is nice after wetting the disposable paper towel, and wipe carefully. Egg riding brush may also be preferred for this process.
In the invisible ones after visible dirt. Bacteria and viruses are usually clustered at the junction of the hats and and handle of the mushroom. These parts are also slightly wipe with a slightly damp napkin.
After wiping with a wet towel napkin, let’s not allow mushrooms to remain moist and wipe the mushrooms quickly with dry towel napkin once again.
It is necessary to take care not to use plastic bags when storing mushrooms. Pouch paper should be used for the most ideal storage.
How do we make sure that the mushrooms are completely cleaned? It is difficult to be 100%sure in the home environment. But the best precaution we will take is to cook completely and beautifully before eating our mushrooms.
Mushrooms should never be eaten raw like other vegetables.

If more hygiene precautions for mushrooms are not fully comfortable with hygiene despite all these operations, we have a few more suggestions for you!
When buying mushrooms, choose the ones that are not packaged, but those who are open. Closed ones are more prone to bacterial formation. Because air circulation is insufficient.
Make sure you buy the freshest mushroom. Do not buy mushrooms with darkening or softening.
Clean the mushrooms at once, not one by one, one by one and carefully.
Dried mushrooms do not need any pre -processing. They can be used directly in recipes. [Button Link = “ You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our lists and campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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