Nettle soap offers a practical method to benefit from nettle, which has numerous positive effects for the skin on the skin.
Nettle can be used on all skin or acne as a tonic after brewing and cooling in dry or fresh state.
In addition, the daily use of nettle soap can increase the effects of the plant.
Or soap can be used alone.
[Button Link = “” Color = “Green” Newwindow = “Yes”] Is the soap good for acne? Nettle is very useful for oily skin, especially for acne.
It calms the skin on such skin and balances the moisture of the skin. It helps to disappear acne in a shorter time. And it reduces the likelihood of new acne.
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What are the benefits of nettle soap? What does it do? The use of nettle soap is not limited to acne.
This special and natural soap helps to purify dead cells on the skin. It makes a natural and slow peeling effect.
Accelerates blood flow and helps the skin look more vivid and healthy.
It is possible to use nettle soap in the face and body and even hair. Since it increases blood flow, it can also be used in areas with cellulite appearance.
Nettle soap soap is not necessarily for oily skin, but it is also suitable for use on mixed skin. The skin has no excessive drying effect. Moisturizing the skin after use, especially on mixed skin, helps to provide an ideal balance.
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Side Effects of Nettle Soap Side Effects Soap is usually safe for most people. He does not mention an obvious side effect in research.
However, in extremely sensitive and allergic skin, it can sometimes cause itching and rash.
If you have this type of skin type, it is recommended that you first test a small part of the skin.

Does nettle grass remove the soap hair? Nettle Otu Soap can be used in hair as well as on the skin. And gives good results. Nettle soap is preferred for hair loss, slow growing hair, hair whitening, regional baldness.
Nettle supports the emergence of new hair and strengthens existing hair. It also has a repairing and cell regenerating effect of scalp damage.

How to make nettle soap? Soap can be used for soap making, or soap materials can be supplied separately.
Nettle herbs are not brewed first for soap making. As a result of brewing, the herbs filtered water are added to the mixture.
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