Lithium Orotate is a food supplement that has found its place in alternative medicine, known for its positive effects on brain chemistry.
Lithium orotate is not a medicine.
Lithium is an alkaline metal known for its negative effects on brain chemistry in the deficiency we take with the foods we eat and drink.
We need a large part of our daily lithium needs from the water we drink.
In other words, the water we drink is rich in mineral and quality is of great importance for our brain health!
Lithium orotate is only a form of lithium. As a food supplement of this form, he stated that the sale without prescription was made.
Lithium carbonate, another form of lithium, is used only by prescribing and an integral part of bipolar disorder treatment for many years.
In this article, we will be talking about lithium orotatetanes sold in the form of food supplement, not the lithium carbonate.
What are the benefits of lithium orotate? Lithium orotate by alternative medical experts
In order to protect from Alzheimer and Parkinson,
In order to get rid of the significant symptoms of anxiety and depression,
In order to deal with hyperactivity and attention deficit,
It is known that it is used to support anger control in individuals with autism.
The positive effects of lithium orotate are usually and on human brain and human psychology.
Migraine, insomnia, alcoholism, anger control disorders are used to prevent and support treatment.
In individuals who have been exposed to peer bullying, there may be a food supplement involved by experts in the treatment of people with post -traumatic stress disorder.

What is Lithium? Which foods have lithiums? Lithium is a metal that every brain needs to have a healthy brain chemistry. We buy the litium with the most quality water and mineral water we drink the most.
In addition to water,
Grain and Pulses
Mustard plant
Pistachio is rich in lithium, other nutrients that we should include from time to time.

Where to get Lithium orotate? Lithium orotate can be obtained in pharmacies in capsule form and from stores selling food supplements.
This article is never recommended, it only aims to inform. Be sure to consult a specialist before using all food supplements including lithium orotatein!
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