Black garlic oil is a herbal -based oil used in skin, hair and even eyelash care. This oil is also available with the highest quality.
Black garlic is prepared by fermenting garlic for a period of over one month. Oil is obtained from garlic that changes color after this fermentation.
Fermentation increases the effectiveness of garlic.
Oil is usually obtained by maseration method. This means that garlic is brewed for a while in another carrier oil. In addition, black garlic oil can be obtained with various methods. black garlic oil is most commonly preferred for hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. It can offer a solution for thinned and spilled hair.
Encourages new ones to replace the spilled hair.
Can this oil be applied directly to eyelashes and eyelashes?
Yes, black garlic oil can be applied to both eyebrows and eyelashes. It supports the lashes larger and longer and voluminous.
However, in order to ensure that this oil is caused by an allergy, you shouldn’t start with eyelashes first if you’ve never used it on your skin before.
Make sure that the oil in a small area in a safer area – even inside, for example – for you.
Does black garlic oil remove hair? It is thought that this oil, which is deeply populated into hair follicles, can provide new hair.

How to use it for hair? Both male type and female type of hair loss can be preferred fat often applied to excessive hair. Oil; It is applied by massaging the bottom of the hair.
It is ideally kept in the hair for half an hour and rinsed with warm water.

What are the benefits of black garlic oil for hair? Reduces hair loss.
Nourishes the hair deeply and protects against external influences.
Strengthens hair follicles. It encourages the emergence of new hair.
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