Green walnut jam or dessert is a slightly more laborious and made jam compared to other jams.
But the walnut jam, which enchanted those who eat with its flavor, is definitely worth it to get into this trouble!
Walnut jam can be consumed in breakfasts or can be served as dessert after meals.
2 walnuts and a little dessert must meet the need for dessert completely.
Green walnut jam can be prepared only at a very short time of the year. The reason for this is that in the description of this dessert, the use of raw walnuts that have not started to harden the inner shell.
So how do we know if the walnuts are suitable for dessert making?
There is a practical method for this process. 1 toothpick is ideal for the construction of walnut jam if it easily sinks into the raw walnut. However, if the toothpick is difficult to sink into the walnut, unfortunately, walnuts have matured too much to use in dessert making.
Let’s come to our recipe!
Our lime green walnut jam recipe recipe will be ready at the end of a period of about 20 days with several different steps.
We will use 1 kg walnut for recipe. 1 kg walnut consists of about 30 raw walnuts.
Let’s start by collecting our walnuts from the branch.
Let’s wash the walnuts we collect and peel the green part in the top layer with the peel of potatoes without waiting too long.
It is essential to use gloves for these operations. Otherwise, the green parts of the walnuts paint your hands and come out for a long time.
Let’s get the walnuts we rob.
This water should be changed twice a day and waited for walnuts to be separated and softened.
If you change the water more often than 2 times, you can shorten the 20 -day waiting time.
During this 20 -day period, the blackness of walnuts is normal.
Lightly waxing of walnuts is normal.
Waiting for more walnuts in bitter water causes melting in walnuts and excessive waxing. Don’t forget to change the water daily to avoid this!
In order to avoid confusion, it is useful to note the first day of the walnuts.
20 days later…
After the 20 -day waiting process, it is time to sweeten our walnuts.
Let’s boil the walnuts for a short time before bringing sugar and walnuts together. Boiling for about 20 minutes is enough. This process is for the completely purification of walnuts from the bitter water.
Let’s pour this boiling water. Let’s put the walnuts in another pot.
In the meantime, 1 kg of powdered sugar and 6 cups of water with water, let’s start to prepare the sherbet of our jam. When our water starts to bubble, let’s take the walnuts and 1 pinch of cloves into the water.
Let’s cook over medium heat until the sherbet is consistent. Before closing the stove, add the water of the quarter lemon to the sherbet.
When the sherbet reaches the full consistency, let’s close the stove and swelling our jam warmly and let it rest. The next day, our jam will be ready to eat and will be even more consistent.
You can serve with ice cream or cream.
Since we do not use lime in our recipe, our walnuts will be softly not crispy. You can also prepare the same recipe with lime according to your taste.
Green walnut jam is particularly recommended by experts for thyroid patients. Cholesterol lowering is an anti -constipation.
Enjoy your meal!
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