Gingerol is the main component in ginger. This component is a very important cancer fighter. In addition, Gingerol has anti -inflammatory effect, anti -inflammatory. He fights free radicals.
Ginger plant is a miracle in itself. It contains more than 400 components. These components have many positive effects on human health. However, Gingerol is the most prominent, most effective and most valuable component among these components. Gingerol component that gives the unique aroma and smell of ginger.
Gingerol is the highest known antioxidant component!
With this high antioxidant level, Gingerol successfully undertakes many tasks from slowing aging to fighting cancer cells.
The effect of gingerol against cancer cells is supported by clinical studies. It has the effect of slowing the growth of cancer cells.
Raw ginger that you will consume up to 2 grams per day is cancer protective!
Ginger juice to the cold, heats the body and provides sweating. Sweating is good in colds. In addition, as we mentioned, ginger has a high anti -inflammatory effect. It is one of the first natural solutions that should be used in colds with high vitamin C ratio.
In addition to vitamin C, it contains B2, B3, B6, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium.

Ginger is recommended as support treatment of these diseases, which cause rheumatoid arthritis & osteoarthritis and gingerol joint damage. There are many studies showing that people suffering from rheumatoid artist and osteoarthritis disease use less painkillers when they use regular ginger.
Ginger does not only have a pain relief effect in these diseases. In addition, it also leads to effects that ensure the regression of the disease.

Ginger: Nausea is preventive, ginger is one -to -one for morning sickness due to pregnancy. It also has the effect of seaside, nausea due to chemotherapy and vomiting.
Ginger consumption of 1-2 grams of ginger to benefit from this effect of ginger is highly sufficient. There is no need to overdo it.
Gingerol substance contained in ginger is also sold in the form of food supplement.
With the ginger you will consume raw, you can provide the highest rate of benefit. Ginger is a plant that can be produced in the territory of our country and can be highly efficiency.
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