Pigeon tree; It is an antiseptic plant with very strong bleeding stopping effect. With this feature, those who know and know this plant are added to the first aid boxes. Witch hazelnut is also known as Hamamelis.
Let’s take a closer look at this plant, which has a solution for many skin problems!
What are the benefits of pigeon tree? It has the power to fight with pigeon, saffroat, gallanin, Carvacrol and Eugenol, which contains special components such as Safrole, Carvacrol and Eugenol.
Pigeon tree or pigeon tree gel that you will use on small wounds and scratches has a rapid stopping effect on the gel bleeding. The ointment, which also cuts pain with the tannins in it, manages to prevent the wound from grabbing germs with its antiseptic properties. With pigeon tree powder, you can prepare and apply ointment yourself.
Pigeon with anti -inflammatory effect allows the bruises to disappear in a very short time when applied by massaging the mortities on the skin.

Pigeon tree against eczema and psoriasis is possible to get rid of the redness, itching, burning, peeling due to eczema and psoriasis with the intense anti -inflammatory effect of the pigeon tree. Regular use of the plant, which is known to be very effective in eczema and psoriasis, is required.

Pigeon tree clinical research shows the diaperitory and rash of the rash in infants, which is a very effective and natural product for all rash, rash, redness and itching due to the use of diapers.
In the same way, it is a correct choice against the precision, redness and itching that occurs after shaving.

Pigeon tree also has a solution for hemorrhoids, the vessels of the pigeon tree narrowing the effect, bleeding stopping effect, itching receiver effect, painkiller effect. For this reason, it is also very effective in getting rid of hemorrhoids. By narrowing the swelling vessels, it slows the hemorrhoids. It allows to get rid of the pain and itching caused by hemorrhoids in a very short time. Bleeding stops with the effect of bleeding.
You can get rid of hemorrhoids by applying regional external application with Guvercin tree ointment or pigeon tree water.
In the same way, this plant is the effect of varicose veins as a result of expanding vessels. Reduces the appearance of varicose veins by narrowing the vessels. It also receives varicose veins.
The solution of the pigeon tree can be used in itching and burns connected to mosquito bite. This solution relaxes your skin, takes itching and provides maintenance to your skin by moisturizing the skin.
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