Kava tea; Kava is prepared with the plant called Kava or Kava root. It is generally preferred due to relaxing, stress relieving effect. However, it is also known to be effective for muscle and connective tissue.
What is Kava? The Latin name of the plant called Kava root, Kava, Kava pepper is “Piper Methysticum ..
It grows on the Pacific islands.
It helps to reduce tension, anxiety and stress levels.
It facilitates the relaxation, relaxation and focus of the body.
It has pain relief effect and provides quality, long -term sleep.
The root parts of the Kava plant are widely used. The roots are extracted and peeled and then dried and powdered.
This powder is mixed with water and the drink is prepared.

What are the benefits of Kava pepper? Unlike coffee, which provides coffee -like effects in the brain, the pepper does not have an addictive effect and does not have a stimulating effect.
The effect of the use of people using it is often defined as a feeling of relaxation, mind clarity.
It is relaxing and relieving stress.
It has analgesic (pain relief) effect.
Muscle tension is alleviating. It accelerates healing in connective tissue.
It is seen as natural antidepressant.
There are doctors on the Pacific Islands who think that there is a correlation between low cancer cases and the use of cava.

How is Kava tea taste? It is not very tasty. It is a sweet sour plant. Kava Kava tea is usually flavored with honey or other sweeteners.
The use of additional ginger is also common.

Is Kava tea safe? Is there a side effect? Kava root is one of the plants that should not be used without expert approval.
It is not recommended to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
It is not recommended by people who use regular drugs as they may interact with other drugs or plants.
There are views that argue that it causes liver damage. These views are controversial. However, it is necessary to avoid using Kava Kava without expert opinion and dosage.
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