Ecological footprint is a unit of measure that calculates the extent to which the world’s biological capacity is consumed as a result of human activities.
In other words, using this unit of measurement, a person, a group of people or a country gives the world to the world.
The essential purpose of the ecological footprint calculation is to determine the amount that is deteriorated in the ecosystem and to focus on what can be done.
The calculated figure can be considered as a “number of worlds olan that expresses the balance we have broken.
How to reduce ecological footprint? What should be done to reduce water footprint? The points focused on this account can be divided into 6 parts as energy area, cereal area, pasture area, sea area, construction area and forest area.
The measures to be taken for all these 6 parts are varied.
Let’s take a look at a few:
Dissemination of recycling,
Orientation to renewable energy sources,
Less animal -based nutrition,
Studies to reduce water consumption,
Orientation to local production and local producers,
Orientation to non -motor vehicles (like a bike),
The first measures that come to mind will be the first measures to gain consciousness for reducing and decomposing of domestic wastes.
If we have more details and personalize this issue, there are numerous changes and precautions that we can make on our behalf.
What can we do in our house? For example:
Use of saving bulbs in our home and workplace,
The isolate of the house and the ceiling,
Double glass use,
Use of low flow shower heads,
To turn to the use of second -hand or transformed furniture and accessories,
The preference of non -toxic, chemical load light cleaning materials are a few measures that we can take to reduce our ecological footprint in our home.

Changes related to our energy use to keep your A/C filters clean to ensure that the air conditioner works at the highest efficiency,
When you do not use electronic devices, pull it out of the plug,
Instead of using a laundry dryer, drying out the clothes when possible,
Taking precautions to prevent the refrigerator from holding ice. huzura-goturen-terapi/
How to calculate the ecological footprint? How often do you consume animal -based products?
To what extent the products you consume are local, not processed and did not enter the package?
Has your home designed by taking energy saving measures?
What percentage of the electricity of your home comes from renewable sources?
To what extent do you produce garbage when you compare it with your neighbors?
Do you use the most common vehicle when traveling by car?
How far do you travel every week by public transport?
The answers you give to these and similar questions are some of the questions that will help calculate your ecological footprint. nler-yapiziz/ you can subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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