Besan Ladoo; Indian cuisine is one of the sweetest traditional recipes melting in the mouth. Also known as Indian votive dessert.
Another name of the dessert is known as Besan Ke Laddu. The recipe is often prepared at festivals, weddings, celebrations, holidays and other special occasions in India.
Although visually resembles our bite dessert, Besim Ladoo’s striking note is of course the cardhole used in the recipe and is quite different in terms of flavor.
In the recipe of the Besan Ladoo dessert, the cardamom is used as well as gram flour (chickpea flour), powdered sugar, plain oil (Ghee).
In some regions, in addition to these materials, melon seeds, cashews and pistachios are also used.
Although it is most commonly done in North India, it is common in most parts of this sweet country and has very different variations.
However, the most traditional version contains only cardamom, powdered sugar, gram flour (BESAM) and plain oil.
Let’s come to the tariff!
BESAN LADOO (Indian votive dessert) Recipe Ingredients
Besan Flour (Gram): This is the simplest expression of chickpeas. However, it is necessary to roast the chickpea flour to make the tariff ready. Roasting is important. Excessive roasting makes the dessert urges. It causes a uninspired taste.
Key point:
Roasting process should be done by stirring continuously and at low temperature!
Sugar (Powdered Candy): In the traditional recipe, here shakkar or takar is used. The nearest tissue can be provided with powdered sugar. Or can be used by grinding powdered sugar.
Ghee (plain oil): It can be ready or prepared at home.
Cardama (Powder): It can be ground immediately before the recipe.
Besan flour: 2 cups (slightly more than 200 grams)
Ghee: 100 g (8 tablespoons)
Sugar: 200 gr (1 cup)
Cardama: 6-8 pieces
Preparation of Indian dessert Ladoo is essentially simple and practical to prepare this traditional dessert at home. The challenging part of this recipe is to find the right material and use it at the right rate.
Start work by grinding the cacule. If you are going to use powdered sugar instead of powdered sugar, you can grind powdered sugar and cardamom together.
Cardamom and sugar aside when it is very thin dust consistency.
Prepare Besan (chickpea flour) and gheyi on another side.
To do this, take half of the total amount in a large pot and melt. When the oil melts, add the flour to the pot.
Roast chickpeas over medium heat by constantly stirring. If you do not mix frequently, flour can burn easily, be careful.
Control this process for about 5 minutes over medium heat. After 5 minutes, the color of your flour will darken and the smell of pleasant.
At this point, bring the quarry to the most low heat and add the remaining gheye to the chickpea flour.
It is not important that the oil is in liquid or solid form.
Do not forget to mix, take the process of flour all the oil and continue until it becomes lumpy.
The desired consistency is the consistency of flour halva in the first place. Flour golden yellow color should continue to roast at low temperature.
As soon as the Ghee starts to separate from the mixture, close the stove quickly and remove the flour from the stove.
Taste it, the desired taste is a taste similar to peanut butter.
When the mixture is a little warm, add the sugar and cardamom powder.
Do not keep the time too long, Ghee should not start to solidify!
Just make sure that the first heat of flour and oil is gone.
After including sugar and cardamom, mix the mixture well in your hand.
Then take small pieces of the mixture and roll small balls.
Rest the balls and roll again after 1 hour.
Besan Ladoo is ready!
If you wish, you can decorate them with kaju powder or grated.
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