Armpit darkening in infants; Akantosis is the result of a condition called nigricans. This can also be seen in children.
Akantosis Nigrikans; It is not only under the armpits but also in the back of the neck and groin.
Darkens are velvety, dark spots. Although the groin is not as common as the back of the armpits and the back of the neck, it can be seen on the fingers, mouths, nipple area, belly button, face and elbows.
The severity of symptoms may be mild or severe. Darkens can sometimes be itchy or fragrant.
Symptoms can be seen from birth or may occur later.
Darkens in armpits and other curved areas in infants are more common in dark -skinned children.
These decisions may be a sign of insulin resistance. It may mean that the child’s body cannot use insulin correctly. Insulin resistance can lead to diabetes.
Obesity, being overweight
Some drugs like steroids
Geneic predisposition
Hypothyroidism or adrenal gland problem may increase the risk of nigricance acantosis.
How does armpit darkening pass in infants? If skin blemishes do not cause symptoms, treatment may not be needed.
When the main reason for the darkens is treated, the darkens often disappear automatically.
Experts can be prescribed topical cream or gel drugs for the treatment of these Karama.
These drugs can make darkening lighter or softer.
In some cases, antibiotic creams or soaps may also be given.
In rare cases, laser treatment can be used to treat thick skin. what if there is a akantose nigrikans? Nigricance skin areas with acantose may look dirty, but not. Rubing, pouring, washing and cleaning the skin does not help to reduce the visibility of darkens. On the contrary, it can cause skin irritation.
It is enough to clean the skin within the routine. In addition, it is not recommended to use bleach or peeling on the skin.
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