Breastfeeding mother breast care is a perfect food for your baby. Although breastfeeding is natural, it covers a process learned for both the mother and the baby.
This process requires practice and patience. There are also various maintenance requirements of breastfeeding.
In this article, we will talk about these requirements and what breastfeeding mother breast care covers.
Breastfeeding mother breast care during pregnancy and breastfeeding breasts undergo various changes. For example, the colored part of the breast can be expanded or the color can be darker.
Pregnancy hormones do so to enlarge the milk -forming tissue in your breasts and prepare for breast milk.
When your breasts are filled with breast milk, there may be situations such as fullness of fullness, intense sensitivity, tingling and infiltration of breast milk.
Such changes are completely normal.
In fact, a special treatment for breasts during breastfeeding is not required. However, appropriate care, awareness and hygiene can help to feel more comfortable and minimize the risk of infection. It also reduces the likelihood of complaints such as hardness, pain, wound, acne in the breast.

Breastfeeding mother breast care & breastfeeding breast care is one of the most important points to consider when breastfeeding is the ideal moisture balance of the breast.
Very dry breast can cause cracking. Otherwise, a very wet breast may occur in an environment that is prone to microbe reproduction.
Wash your hands every time before touching your breasts. Wash with warm water to keep your breasts and nipples clean.
Avoid using soap while cleaning your breasts. Soap can dry your skin to cause irritation. It can eliminate naturally secreted oils in the glands at the nipples. These oils are responsible for keeping the nipples and areolas clean and humid.
Chest pads
If you use chest pads to absorb leaked milk, make sure you quickly change them when wet.
Because the moist environment can prepare an environment for the reproduction of bacteria.
Clean and dry breastfeeding pads can help prevent aching nipples, cotton or mastitis.

How to make breast care during breastfeeding? Supporter bra
Choose a supportive breastfeeding bra or a normal bra that is not too tight, but not too tight.
Cotton will be the perfect choice of fabric because it allows your skin to breathe.
Breastfeeding your baby correctly and sufficiently helps to prevent the development of painful breast problems such as pain, breast swelling, clogged milk ducts and mastitis at the nipples.
After breastfeeding pain in breastfeeding mothers, apply some breast milk to your nipples and areolation to treat the painful nipples and let them dry milk.
Breast milk is of course completely safe at this point, but if you are going to use a lotion, cream or spray instead of milk, consult your doctor before.
Some products can damage your baby, block your milk channels, or irritate your skin more.

In breastfeeding mothers, if your breasts are painful, you can apply cold cabbage leaves or cold compresses to reduce inflammation and alleviate the pain if your breasts are painful, hard and fat. Breastfeeding frequently to reduce pressure can also help.

Even if you decide not to breastfeed breast care while cutting from milk or cut your child from milk, your body will still produce breast milk for a while.
If you gradually cut from milk, there is no need for a special care. Your breast milk supply will gradually decrease as the demand from the baby decreases.
However, if it is a moment of cutting from milk, there are a few small important points to do for the care of the mother’s breasts:
Avoid touching your breasts or nipples. Regular stimulation of breasts and nipples tells your body to continue to produce milk.
You can apply cold compresses to your breasts during this period to relieve swelling and discomfort. Or you can use cold cabbage leaves. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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