Phytoöstrogen refers to eutrogens taken from external vegetable based. FTOOstrogens are not spontaneously produced in the body and are provided to the body by means of external foods.
The primary function of phytoöstrogens in the body is the same as estrogens. They are supporting for sexual and reproductive development.
FTOOstrogens are also referred to as diet estrogen.
What does phytoöstrogen do? What does phytoöstrogen do? Phytoöstrogens have a chemical structure similar to that of estrogen. And they have similar effects to the hormonal effects of estrogen. They provide this by connecting to estrogen receptors in our body.
However, different phytoestrogens may have different effects.
It has even been reported that some phytoestrogens reduce estrogen levels and block the effects of estrogen.
These complex effects make the use of phytoestogens a little controversial.
A limited number of researchers suggest that high amount of phytoestrogen intake can cause hormonal imbalance. However, most scientific studies associate them with positive health effects.
These positive health effects
Decrease in cholesterol levels,
Improvement in menopausal complaints,
Risk of lower osteoporosis,
It can be summarized as a decrease in the risk of developing certain cancer types, especially breast cancer.

What are the Phytoestrogen Damages? The benefits of consuming phytoöstrogen -rich foods outweighed than possible potential risks. Therefore, it will be wise to consume these foods in a restrained way without overdoing.
In contrast, there may be various risks in reinforcement form and excessive purchase.
Various studies and infertility with excessive phytoestrogen intake, deterioration of thyroid functions and so on. It suggests that there may be a choleration between problems. nedir/
Foods containing phytoöstrogen sesame seeds
Sesame is a seed with high fiber and oil content. These small grains are also rich in phytoestrogens.
Regular eating sesame seeds has been shown to increase estrogen activity in post -menopausal women. The grinding of sesame seeds before consuming is increasing this effect.
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Flax seeds are brown small seeds with many potential health benefits.
It is rich in lignans that function as phytoöstrogen.
Research shows that flaxseed phytoestrogens may be effective in reducing the risk of breast cancer, especially in post -menopausal women.
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It has been demonstrated by research that garlic can affect estrogen levels.
A study with post -menopausal women has shown that garlic oil may have protective effects against bone loss due to estrogen deficiency.
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