Breastfeeding Mother Tea is an increasingly popular tea, which is sold in ready -made markets and pharmacies. Versions containing different plants are available.
Mother tea can be consumed as hot or cold.
What does Mother Tea do? The primary benefit of breastfeeding mother tea is to increase the quality of breast milk and the amount of milk.
These teas are also referred to as milk -enhancing tea.
Breastfeeding mother tea does not increase the milk with the natural plants they contain, they also show relaxing properties for the mother and baby.
Breastfeeding mother tea is a tea where you can easily prepare yourself at home.
Let’s share a simple recipe with you in this article!
Breastfeeding Mother Tea Recipe Recipe is a refreshing recipe consisting of natural fruits and spices, suitable for cold consumption and summer months.
It contains plenty of materials, but it is easy to apply. The most beautiful, most effective milk that supports mother and baby health; Milk spices are brought together.
It is recommended to prepare this recipe fresh and consume freshly.
1 handful of fresh blackberries
1 sweet apple
2 purple plums
Quarter lemon
1 teaspoon of fennel
3-4 cloves
Half teaspoon of cumin
1 rod cinnamon
We will prepare our recipe in two stages.
In the first stage, we will brew all our spices like herbal tea brews.
For this process, we will boil the fennel, cloves, cumin and rod cinnamon on low heat for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, we will set aside our tea from the stove. After our tea is warm, we will store it in the refrigerator for 1 hour to cool better.
In the meantime, blackberry, apple, plum and lemon with a fruit squeezing we will squeeze well.
We will add the spices that are completely cooled in the refrigerator on the fruits we squeezed. We will mix fruits and spices well and consume them with pleasure.
This refreshing, milk -enhancing tea can be consumed by mothers a cup a day. In everything else, this tea should not be overcome in the consumption of this tea.
It is also suitable for use of tea by people other than breastfeeding mothers.
The taste of this cold tea is slightly bitter, and is in the decision. It can be removed if there are those who do not fit your groom’s taste in spices or fruits.

Milk Plant: This plant, also known as Çörtük and Tarhun, is used as the main active ingredient of many ready -made milk -made tea!
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