Which salt is healthier? The question has been tampering with all of us lately. Himayala salt, rock salt, table salt, running salt, sea salt, Celtic salt… The list goes on.
So which one should we prefer in our homes and tables?
Salt is a natural sweetener and moreover, a natural food protector. Even the most delicious dishes do not give the desired taste without salt.
In addition, salt contains the sodium required for our body. However, it is potentially harmful when sodium is consumed excessively.
Some salts include more minerals, such as magnesium and potassium, as well as a small amount.
Which salt is healthier? Salt Types Table Salt – Refined Salt
Table salts are processed refined salts. They are also known as iodized salt because iodine is added from the outside.
They are widely preferred in tables and houses. Easy to use.
The particles of the table salts, which are generally thin and granular, do not adhere to each other, are not moist. Of course there is a reason for this!
There are chemicals in the table salts.
Moreover, in some refined salts, in addition to church preventives, there are also sugar and other additives.
sea ​​salt
Sea salt is produced by evaporation of sea water.
It can be with thin or large crystalline structure.
Sea salt; It may contain an extra minerals such as iron, potassium and zinc. This is a different flavor.
However, there may be contamination in sea salts caused by pollution in the seas. And various unwanted microplastics may be mixed with salt.
Which salt is healthier?
Himalayan salt – pink salt Himalayan salt is a species extracted in a certain part of the world. The pink color contains the amount of the amount of iron oxide.
It is a salt that is generally added to dishes after cooking and is preferred for its flavor. Also known as “finishing salt ..
The pink tone of the salt may vary especially according to the region where it is removed and the amount of iron oxide it contains.
The amount of sodium it contains is not more than rock salt. However, it can contain different minerals.
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Rock Salt – Koser Salt – Salamura Salt Rock Salt can be considered as unrelated and unjustified form of table salt.
Natural rock salt is not processed and has a damp and rough structure.
Pure rock salt does not contain additives such as chemicals and additional iodine.
One teaspoon of rock salt contains a slightly less sodium than 1 teaspoon of table salt.
However, this is due to the larger grain of rock salt, so it is caused by less salt fit into the spoon.
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Celtic salt is also a kind of sea salt. The trace contains the amount of minerals and the amount of sodium is slightly lower than table salt. And it has an open grayish color.
Spicy and smoked salts
The salts in this group are completely for the taste of the palate.
Various products such as spicy salt, garlic salt, celery salt, onion salt are salt in this group.
The smoked salts have a taste of smoke. The salts are effective on the taste of the type of salt used for incense.
Smoyed salts contain a similar amount of sodium to table salt.

Which salt is healthier? As a result, salt is a basic and natural sweetener. Most salt has a similar amount of sodium content. But some are processed, some are natural.
Salts that do not contain additional chemicals and have the lowest risk of contamination in nature are the ideal for health. For example, rock salt, sea salt and patronage salt – unless it is specified – does not contain chemical additions. Sea salt may contain unwanted microplastic due to sea pollution. It varies depending on the sea where this salt is obtained.
If additional iodine -free salts are to be preferred, it is absolutely necessary to take the iodine that your body needs with other foods. This is an important issue that should not be skipped.
For example, foods such as fish, dairy products, eggs and seaweed are iodine -rich.
Is Pink Himalaya salt better? Himalayan salt has a similar sodium content with table salt. It is a quality choice that can be used as home salt. Not refined. And it does not contain additional iodine.
How to understand natural rock salt.? Rock salt is not flowing. This is due to the remote structure away from the church. As a result, if your salt flows easily and the grains do not stick to each other, it is a sign when it is refined.
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