Burning the grass is a very old and deep -rooted Anatolian tradition.
The Latin name of this grass, also known as the evil eye, Adraspan and floating, is known as Peganum Harmala.
Generally grown in rocky lands have been produced as an agricultural plant in recent years. Of course, the floating grass, which is acceptable, is the one who grows wildly in nature.
Why is the grass burned? What are the benefits? Just like sage, to purify the bad energies, to remove the evil; It is burned in order to bring abundance, fertility and luck to the household.
It can be preferred to renew the energy and renew the energy in the form of a bunch of grass seeds or grass incense.
Burning the grass: How to burn the grass? Incense and seeds are usually burned in different forms.
Breeded in a brewed way is used by burning directly with fever. It is not flammable for too long. The higher the smoke, the more superstitions such as the evil eye is common.
[Button link = “https://egepazarindan.com/uzerlik-otu-tutsu-nazar-otu-temet/” Newwindow = “Yes”] It is difficult to ignite the seeds directly with a lighter. For this reason, they are heated in a pan in an unused pan and are used by smoke.
Birliklik gum, a little sage or bay leaves can be added to the pan.
The smoke pan is rolled in the household, the smell and smoke of the seeds are delivered to the most secluded corners.
After this ceremony, the household must be ventilated. Thus, the distortion of the accumulated bad energies is thus achieved.
It is an old Anatolian tradition to hang a bunch of the plant in a corner of the house and to eliminate the possible bad energies in this way. There are also house decorations prepared by arrangement of the grains on a rope.

Burning the grass: The incense of the freshness for the evil eye is also used by walking around the head and feet of the person who is thought to carry the evil eye by burning to purify the evil eye.
It is believed that this ritual will purify the person who comes to the eye and protect it from the evil eye.
There is no harm in breathing the grass incense without overdoing. It has a breath -opening effect.
It has a temporary facilitating effect on relaxing sleep.

Is it eaten? Seeds are edible. It is usually consumed by brewing tea. However, it is necessary to avoid overdoing and consuming too much often. Nausea and vomiting are seen in excessive consumption.
If the grass is to be used orally, it is necessary to get an opinion from a specialist for the correct amount and dosing. Nazar grass tea has a menstrual effect. It has pain relief effect.
If you say that the seeds do not burn on the seeds, you can remove the seeds you use in the sun for a while. The humidified seeds are difficult to burn. If the seeds come into contact with water or salt, it becomes difficult to burn again. You can safely obtain the seeds of grass incense or grass seeds through our website. Our products are wild. [Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/nazar-otu/” Color = “Green” Newwindow = “Yes”] You can subscribe and follow our Instagram page.
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