Seed rotation or other known name, seed cycle is a natural and quite old method that is preferred to balance hormones.
According to the method based on Chinese medicine, different nutrients on seed -based foods are consumed at different stages of the hormonal cycle.
The seeds used are fresh seeds. Different seeds are different tasks and support the fact that the right hormones are healthy in the right time of the menstrual cycle.
Seed rotation supports processes such as natural hormone production in the body.
Helps to cope with acne problems.
Reduces continuously ongoing fatigue and insomnia.
Excessive irritability helps to cope with problems such as accumulation of water in the body and cramps.
Complaints such as excessive sweating due to menopause and hot flashes may also be reduced.
How does seed rotation work? How is it applied? The menstrual cycle is considered as 2 basic stages.
First stage: follicular phase
Second stage: luteal phase
It starts from the 1st day of the follicular phase menstruation. It takes 14 days.
From the 15th day to the first day of the next menstrual time, the time is considered as luteal phase.
The seeds to be consumed in the first phase support estrogen production.
Pumpkin seeds support estrogen production.
According to the seed rotation, the first stage of the menstrual cycle is consumed daily from these two seeds daily.
It is recommended that the seeds are not roasted.
Flaxseed is freshly grinded after the use is increasing its effectiveness. It is not recommended to purchase ready -to -ground because it is easily degraded and oxidized.
[Button Link = “” Newwindow = “Yes”] Now buy [/button] The seeds to be consumed in the second phase support progesterone production.
Sunflower seeds are seeds that support progesterone production.
High vitamin E in the high zinc and sunflower core contained in sesame increases progesterone production.
In the second phase, a tablespoon of sesame seeds and sunflower seeds are consumed and rotation is followed.
The seeds used should be unroasted and salted. The fresh grinding of sesame seeds and the fact that shells are not separated from their shells are increasing the effectiveness.
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