Camu Camu fruit is a tropical fruit with very high vitamin C content. It has a very sour flavor, a small grain fruit. The appearance resembles a commonly grown hawthorn fruit in our country.
It is a plant of Mersengilller family, like hawthorn Mersin.
This sour fruit is usually not consumed directly, dried and powdered or finds its place in fruit juice mixtures.
This wild plant, which has 60 times more vitamin C content than lemon, is widely used in the world. In our country, powder is sold in the form of powder and its use is becoming widespread.
It is a wild fruit that grows spontaneously in tropical forests. The absence of a agricultural product increases its value. What are the benefits of Camu Camu Fruit? Public fruit, such as Acai and Moringa, is also referred to as “Super Food” or super fruit. The reason for this is, of course, high vitamin C and antioxidant capacity. There are studies showing that the Camu Camu fruit is balancing blood sugar. It fights inflammation and oxidative stress. Especially in people who smoke, it fights the negative side effects of smoking. Strengthens the immune system. Gives energy. It has a positive effect on skin and hair health. Acne reduces the incidence of blackheads. It allows you to get more vivid hair. Candida is a support for fungal treatment. It can provide support for treatment in gum problems, gum withdrawal and gum bleeding. now buy
How to use public public plant? Camu Camu can be consumed fresh. But it is almost impossible to find in our country freshly. In our country, Camu Camu Powder is sold.
Camu glass powder is prepared in the form of dusting the fruit after drying the fruit.
This powder is mixed with yogurt; It can be used by adding fruit to vegetable juices or smoothies. You can even use this powder even for bread making, your bread will take a reddish color.
[Button link = “” color = “red” newwindow = “Yes”] Excessive use should be avoided. 2 teaspoons of daily public dust is not recommended more than the use of public dust. In case of excessive use; Side effects such as diarrhea and vomiting may be encountered.
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