Stone Investor & Leaf Investor is the name of the natural product used by burning to give good smell, healing, healing, and defying bad energy from the environment. Bour is also called Bahur or Bahur. Frankish is obtained from rare trees. It can be in the form of stone and leaf.
What is stone incense? As the name of the stone incense can be understood, it is hard and petrified. The resin of the tree or the other name is gum. Commonly collected from the folding tree are used.
Stone crisis obtained from the fundamental tree is used for healing, energetic purification, as well as cough cutter, because of the softening effects of the chest.
The use of the fitting stone incense is very common in Anatolia. It also has a place in Islam.
The stone incense is not used directly into the fire. It is used in a small pan in the stove, or it is used slowly on the incense, and is used. You can also use the stone crisis by placing it on a piece of protected wood. In fact, the incense coal produced specifically for this job is sold, these coals can be preferred.
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How to burn incense coal for stone incense? We were practiced in the use of incense coal produced specially to burn the stone incense. It can be burned on the stove or with the help of the furnace lighter. After the stone warms, the stone incense grains are placed on the coal and the incense is expected to release the pleasant smell and lightly smoke.
The resulting smoke can be moved in the entire household or can be used to soften the chest by breathing.

What is the leaf incense? The leaf is obtained from the body of the tree. Resin is a completely natural and herbal based product like incense. It has an intense, pleasant smell.
It is the most beautiful, most natural alternative to artificial room odors, artificial incensers, which are triggers of many different ailments, especially asthma and migraine.
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How to burn the leaf incense? The leaf fictitious is used directly with the fire in the incense. Deeply; It is burned with the help of a lighter or match in a glass, soil, iron or steel container and is expected to release its pleasant smell into the environment. The incense coal can also be preferred to burn the leaf incense.
Leaf focus; It can be used in rituals during meditation. It facilitates focusing, is meditative.
[Button Link = “” Newwindow = “Yes”] Now examine [/button] from the fitting tree; In addition to taşbuhur and leaf incense, natural solution for stomach, intestinal disorders is obtained. This oil is a non -add -on and completely natural product. With special permissions from the interior of the filling tree, it is milked, filtered and bottled by experts.
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