Foot burning is a complaint that can occur for a wide range of simple or complex reasons.
Fatigue, excessive sliding or infection in the foot of the foot, foot burns are short -term.
However, the burning of the feet under the feet can be a symptom of much more complex and serious diseases.
Diabetes, chronic alcohol use, intensive exposure to certain toxins, vitamin B deficiency, or nerve damage caused by HIV infection may occur as a result of foot -burning.
Depending on the deficiency of magnesium and vitamin D, rarely, the complaint of footburn can be seen.
It is also known as graceon-gopalan syndrome or burning foot syndrome.
Especially when you go to bed on the bed at night, the feeling of burning, itching, pinching, sweating and tingling increase. The complaints are less during the day.
The severity of symptoms may vary from person to person.
Burning sensation and pain may be limited to foot soles in some people. In some people, it can affect the upper parts of the feet, ankles and even lower legs as well as soles.

How does night burn pass? Treatment varies depending on the underlying causes or conditions.
However, a short -term relief feeling can be achieved with simple solutions.
Some of these are as follows:
Leave your feet in cold water for at least 15 minutes. This can provide temporary relief.
Avoid exposing your feet to intense heat.
Remove your legs and feet in the air.
Choose comfortable shoes that fit your feet. The shoes have low heels, a large nose and provide good support for the belts of the foot.
Wear clean, dry socks. Change your socks frequently after the activities that cause your feet to sweat.
If your complaints are long -lasting, if they are increasingly intense, do not neglect it and get support from an expert! Standing can be caused by serious neurological reasons. In addition, diabetes, peripheral nerve damage and malnutrition may be a harbinger of a serious problem.
This article does not have a proposal. It is only to give information. Consult your doctor for all your questions and problems.
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