Seven shops surprise is a mixture of incense prepared with a wide variety of natural plants. Its use extends to ancient times.
It is also referred to by similar names such as transfer surprise, 40 shop surprises, 7 transfer surprises.
What is the transfer surprise?
7 What’s in the shop surprise? [Button Link = “ There is no recipe.

7 shops
Blue tears, screed, leaf incense, container resin, lavender, donut, fennel, barley, grass or overflow seeds, anise, sage, black pepper, such as completely natural and most edible plants can be included in this incense mixture.
Usually not all these materials are used together. 7 of them are selected and the mixture is prepared.
Yedidükkan Surprise is a incense that you can prepare yourself at home or buy it ready.
7 How to apply the Transfer Surprint? The mixture can be used directly in a deep bowl with the help of a lighter or matches, and it can be used on the incense coal or in a pan that is no longer used for cooking purposes and smoke.
It will be quite easy to burn the mixture with incense coal. Incense will spread plenty of smoke and smell. The burned mixture is shed in the entire household. In the meantime, good wishes can be made up of mind or pray. Especially in the darkness of the house, the smoke of the smoke is scattered with plenty of smoke. Extra care is taken to the regions where the outer gate and surrounding area where foreigners are frequently in contact with foreigners and technological tools are intensified.
It is also believed that carrying it on a small bowl without burning the incense at home or in a tiny pouch is believed to have a protective effect.
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40 What is the Surprise of Shops? Transfer surprise is the evil eye and fertility incense. It is believed that it is a provider to free from unwanted bad energies at home. It is burned to support the fact that the households’ earnings are permanent and fertile.
It also helps to remove the blockage.
In addition, it is known that it is used for the purpose of breaking magic and protection from spells.
When is the seven shop surprises? You can prepare and burn the mixture at any time you want to raise your energy, free from evil eye and accumulated bad energy. It is a good choice to burn a mixture of incense in the full moon and the new moon time.
7 Where is the shop surprise sold? 7 Those who make any shops or those who want to do it can obtain natural materials separately from our website.
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[Button Link = “ Inside: Leaf incense, Akgünlük resin, blue eye stone, grass, sage, lavender and fennel.
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