Celery dust is prepared by drying celery and then grinding. For this powder, the leaf or root parts of the celery may be preferred.
The powder prepared with leaf parts is more greener and the dust prepared with root parts is brown -oriented.
Ideally prepared celery powder should have 100 %celery content and should not contain any additional protective, coloring or gluten.
Celery flour is a completely gluten -free product.
In the recipes where it is used as material, additional salt is often no need for. With this feature, it is a great alternative product for people who reset or reduce the use of salt due to health problems.
Where is celery powder used? Celery root powder is also great for those who do not prefer to insert gluten flour into the kitchen!
It is generally preferred to capture consistency in sauces and soups where flour is added.
Prepared with various flour mixtures, pastry, pastry pasta is also widely used in pastry.
It is known that infants in the transition to ready food are added to the food in a small amount.

What are the benefits of celery powder? The celery flour, which is frequently recommended by expert doctors and dietitians for people who have salt -free diet, also contains all the healing of the celery plant.
It is rich in vitamins A and C. Heart and liver friendly. It has diuretic properties.

How to make celery powder? Celery is not suitable for drying in the sun because it is a very thick structure and harvested in winter.
The most ideal way to dry celery and dust the celery is to use special dryer machines produced for this job.

Are there any damages of celery dust? Celery flour shows similar properties to celery.
For healthy people, there is no harm to the right cooking forms and in amounts that are not overdated.
It may have appetizing and diarrhea effect in excessive consumption. Therefore, it should be avoided to overdo in its use.
You can visit our product page for celery powder price information. During the season of celery dust, dryer is produced and packaged under ideal conditions.
Our celery powder product has 100 %celery root content. It does not contain additional protective, colorant, gluten.
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