Echinacea Stream is prepared with the echinacea plant, which is a healing plant from the daisy family family. Echinacea is called in some regions with the name of hedgehog.
Pink, orange, yellow, white.
Echinacea is consumed as herbal tea after brewing the most widely. Food supplement forms are also available in the market as echinacea pills. What are the benefits of Echinesis tea? Echinacea plant is a plant that increases the body’s resistance and has antibacterial properties. It is often preferred in diseases such as flu, flu. When it starts to be used with the first symptoms of the disease, it reduces complaints and allows the disease to cruise lighter.
It is recommended to use with 1 teaspoon of honey and some lemon against flu and flu. This mixture also has the effect of destroying headache and nasal congestion due to colds.
Echinacea plant is pleasant and sweet. It also has a calming, relaxing effect.
Echinesis is also common in the cosmetic sector. The plant, which is crushed and made of cream, is very effective especially in chronic skin itching and irritation.
Are there any damages of Echinesis tea? Attention! Echinacea has a diarrhea effect when excessive.
It is not recommended by people with autoimmune disease.
Spring can cause an allergic reaction in people with allergies.
Echinacea tea is also known for sinusitis. However, it should not be used more than 10 days.
Does Echinacea tea sleep? He said that the plant has a relaxing effect. It is also known that it has a facilitating effect when consumed shortly before bedtime.

How many glasses of echinacea drink a day? Suitable for consumption of 2 cups per day. Routinely, every day, it is not a tea suitable for consumption like black tea. From time to time as an alternative tea; It should be preferred to protect against flu, influenza.

Does echinacea weaken? There is no study proving that this plant provides support to weakening. However, it is known to have high antioxidant value.
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Where to grow in Echinacea in Turkey? It is a non -selective plant in terms of climate, it is suitable for growing in almost every province in our country.
Aydın, Muğla, Istanbul is one of the most common cities where echinacea production is made.
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