Civanperçemi is one of the healing plants that have found its place even in Greek mythology. It is rumored that the legendary hero Achilles of the war wounds heal thanks to this special plant.
Not only the Achilles but also folk physicians have used the mercury in the past for a wide variety of diseases such as digestive problems, fever, bleeding disorders and inflammation.
The Latin name of the Civanperçemi plant is Achillea Millefolium. And it is a plant of chamomile family with plants such as sunflower, dandelion and chamomile.
Gold grass
Where does my mercury grow? When to gather? Yarrow; He likes hot and temperate weather. It grows naturally in high altitude open lands and open forests. June and September are the time of the plant gathering.

What are the benefits of mercury? How to use? Digestive problems
Wounds, bites
Menstrual problems
Provides natural support for problems such as hemorrhoids.
Moreover, it has antioxidants and anti -inflammatory effect.
He can kill parasites.
It has a positive effect on skin health.
It allows wounds to heal faster.
Liver and heart friendly.
It facilitates digestion after meals.
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What are the damages of the mercury? The plant has no serious proven side effects. However, it can cause allergic reaction in some sensitive skin.
It is not suitable especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

How to brew the mercury? How to use?
Is it drunk on an empty stomach? How many glasses to drink a day? Add hot water that has not reached the boiling point on 1 pinch of mercury. Wait for brewing the plant for 3-4 minutes. Do not boil the plant.
Usually use the flower parts of the plant and a small amount of stem parts in brewing.
Dried or fresh mercury brewing depending on the season is suitable.
Civanperçemi tea is suitable for consumption of hungry or full stomach. In other words, the effects will increase and decrease.
But if you consume tea, do not overdo it. In summary, it is ideal to consume this tea as much as 2 tea cups daily.

Menstrual Removal Effect of Civan Removal Plant Menstrual and Menstrual Painful Effect Effect. For this reason, it is a plant consumed by women frequently brewed as tea.
Does my mercury make it easier to get pregnant? Some experts also think that the plant has a fertility -enhancing effect. And there are various cure applications for this. With the agricultural pharmaceuticals collected from the mountainous land in the season, the unintentional mercurylers are on sale on our website, even if they bunch! [Button Link = “ You can subscribe and follow our Instagram page.
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