Hot shower heart attack relationship! Saying that the hot shower reduces the risk of developing a heart attack, experts do not recommend heat to people with low blood pressure! Especially on very cold days, the body will shock the effect of avoiding the extremely hot shower warns!
Let’s take a look at the details of this work!
A warm shower or short -term sauna can be a wonderful method for relieving and relieving stress. But there is more than that!
According to two important scientific studies, regular sauna and hot shower habit reduce the likelihood of heart attack and paralysis.
Experts explain that high temperature leads to the expansion of blood vessels, which causes blood pressure to decrease.
Scientists say that both saunas and hot baths and hot jacuzzi are safe for people with heart disease and even mild heart failure.
However, unstable chest pain (angina); It warns that people with high or less blood pressure or other serious heart problems avoid the warm environment.
Hot shower heart attack relationship Finnish bath
The Finnish Bath tradition dates back thousands of years. The Finns remain for an average of 20 minutes in the baths he uses two or three times a week. Consisting of wood -coated rooms with hot, dry air, there are numerous positive effects on health.
The use of regular baths reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases; It is supported by scientific data that reduces the risk of sudden death due to stroke and heart attack.
Hot shower heart attack relationship: Does hot water expand the vessels? Yes, hot water leads to the gradual expansion of all vessels in the body. With expanding vessels, a feeling of relaxation is provided. It is also much easier to fall asleep after a hot bath.

What are the hot shower benefits? Reduces blood pressure.
Looses the muscles. It makes them more flexible.
It helps not to expand the vessels.
Good for insomnia. It helps to fall asleep easily.
Accelerates blood flow.
It helps to purify stress. Provides relaxation.
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