Barbunia is a legume that has found its place in world cuisine and in Turkish cuisine.
Cold or warmly served barbunia can be of various sizes and colors.
Basically, let’s take a look at the nutritional values ​​of the bean consisting of fiber, carbohydrate and protein.
How many calories of the barbun? For 100 gr boiled barbunia: calories: 127
Water: 67%
Protein: 8.7 grams
Carbohydrate: 22.8 grams
Sugar: 0.3 grams
Oil: 0.5 grams
Fiber: 6.4 grams
According to a scientific research, the effects of the bean on weight loss and slimming are far beyond we estimate.

Ghrelin reduces hormone & Barbunia Barbun bean managed to suppress the appetite hormone Ghrelin; It has been revealed that it supports hormones that create a feeling of satiety and reduce appetite.
In addition, it has been proven to neutralize the alpha-emilase enzyme that converts carbohydrates into sugar and reduce the absorption of glucose in the body.

Does barbunia lose weight? Following these important and supported information, companies have launched barbunia extracts and equity products in order to obtain the highest yield from the barbunia.
It has been revealed that these extras support weight loss and low blood sugar levels.
The sale of products such as barbunia extract has not yet been widely made in our country.
RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH SEARCHES, but also the consumption of barbun as a direct nutrient consumption.
Lower glucose and lower insulin levels have been found in people who consume barbunia more often. As these two important values ​​are age, most people are at very high levels.
High insulin level and high blood sugar level are often associated with direct health problems and unwanted weight.
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Canned Barbunya eaten in the diet? Yes, it would be a good choice to consume barbunia whether or not it is canned or not. Your feeling of hunger will decrease and your blood sugar will be balanced.
Usually diet lists mean certain restrictions and restricting the consumption of certain foods.
But research shows that the bean beans can be excluded from this. Adding it to your diet list helps you lose weight faster and more healthy.
Pulses such as chickpeas, beans, cowpea, such as chickpeas, beans, cowpea, have a positive effect on your diet and health. It supports the feeling of satiety.
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