Painful melon is a kind of wild, hairy structure that grows spontaneously in hot regions.
This plant; Call, Pharaoh melon, raw melon, dog butter, sky melon, splashing wile, wild melon, wild melon, Abu Jehil melon, it cucumber, devil’s butter, bitter duvek names are also called.
The Latin name is known as Ecbalium Elaterium.
Especially in Central Anatolia provinces.
Painful melon sinusitis is claimed to be used for sinusitis and is known to be prescribed by a number of alternative medical experts.
In order to be a cure for sinusitis, 1-2 drops of the plant are dripped into the nose and the nose flows too much throughout the day. In this way, the sinuses are opened and inflammation is thought to be excreted from the body.
It is also known to use it to cure other diseases such as rheumatism pain.
Abu Jehil melon juice, but the bitter melon plant is very toxic, has very serious side effects up to death in case of overdose. It is known that it may cause brain hemorrhage. It is known that the bitter melon juice taken directly from the nose may cause paralysis. Therefore, the plant should not be used uncontrollable.
Both the outer green part of the plant and the core part in it are toxic.
It can prevent you from breathing by causing swelling in the nose and throat.
It has a high effect that can even blind if it comes to the eye.
Even touching the plant by mouth can be dangerous. When it is touched while in the plant branch, it throws a poisonous fluid out. This liquid is burning, even when it touches the skin.
In the plant fields, in the gardens, it also emerges as wild grass and it is very difficult to dry the root of this plant.
If the bitter melon plant is to seize your field, the method you will apply is as follows:
Abundant salt is poured on the plant and a large nylon is completely closed. In this way, it is expected for 3-4 days. At the end of the period, the plant will slowly die and that area will not be rooted again.
The bitter melon plant should only be used in the pharmaceutical industry in the expert hands and can be injured from the benefits it contains.
This plant is never pickled and is not suitable for use as a foodstuff. It should never be defeated.
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