Cychros plant is a perennial plant which is often preferred in gardens due to its pleasant appearance and a wide range of health benefits.
It is a pleasant garden plant with its pleasant, unique smell, orange flowers. It is also possible to grow calendula in pots and on your balcony.
Capsaw is a relatively easy flower care to grow.
It is also possible that you can see it on the edges of the fence, as a spontaneous bloom between the stones.
Latin name: Calendula officinalis
[Button link = “ Opens? You can see the velvety tissue around almost phosphorous calendula flowers, with a very long time of the year.
In the spring, the first flower plant, which gives its first flowers, cultivates new flowers and buds during summer and autumn.
Due to the changing seasons, it is very likely to encounter fresh calendula flowers even in January in January.
In very cold and rainy weather, the flowers disappear and the plant is drawn to rest.

When is the same gathering? It is possible to harvest the plant during the liver of flowers. Comprehensive harvests are usually done in summer.
Harvest should be done during the hours when the flowers are fully opened.
The collected flowers can be dried in a place that does not take the sun. Fresh or dried maseration can be prepared with oil.
When is the seed seed planted? The most ideal times for bringing this plant, which is frequently reproduced from seed, is spring and early summer months.
In the autumn temperate regions where there is no frost in autumn, you can plant directly in the soil in autumn.
If you are planning to reproduce the plant in a closed environment, you can plant independently of the seasons.
The seeds often begin to sprout only one week after planting.
Tips for growing calendar plants provide the highest yield in the filtered sun or partial shade.
It is good to keep the soil of the flowers slightly moist, but you also need to make sure that you do not give too much water. The same safa can tolerate dryness and drought in the soil to a certain level.
If it is well drained, it can adapt to most soil species.

Can you eaten the flower flower? How to Eat? Smelling flowers are generally used in ointments, creams. The plant’s skin repair, healing, supporting collagen production, moisturizing, preventive effects of infection make it a unique natural cosmetic component.
Coat flowers are also consumed by brewing as tea. In tea making, dried flowers are generally preferred in the shade. The effects of relaxing the stomach, facilitating digestion are at the forefront. It is also preferred to alleviate symptoms in cases such as colds and flu.
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Is it possible to eat these flowers freshly?
Yes, the flowers can be eaten directly without cooking in salads.
The flowers will also give a slight orange color to the food it is added. Because of this feature, it has also been referred to as a poor biliary in the past.
Fresh flowers are most often consumed by adding to soups and salads.
The flowers have a light pepper and have a sharp taste.
What is the active ingredient of the same? Calendula officinalis is an aromatic plant of the asteraceae family.
Herb; It contains a wide range of chemical components, including saponins, tritrpens, triterpendiol esters, flavonoids, steroids, tannin, kininler, casinos, carotenoids, amino acids, polysacarites, essential substances. You can subscribe to our informalizing articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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