Burning bay leaves in wish rituals and purification rituals… It is a choice you can use. Bay; It is a high frequency and fragrant plant.
The laurel leaves that you can use to free your concerns and focus on your wishes are closely related to cleaning, refreshment, purification and even psychic development.
Take a single laurel leaf with bay leaves wish ritual and write your wishes and desires directly on the leaf.
Focus your wishes, intentions and wishes while holding the bay leaves in your hand. Channel these requests to the leaf.
Give yourself time and focus to transfer your energy, your emotions to the leaf and to visualize your wishes in your mind.
When you feel ready, the leaf is close. Allow your desires and desires to be moved to the universe with the smoke.
You can make this little wish ritual at any time you want. It is also believed to be more effective, especially when it is done on time.
Bay leaf fertility ritual: Put a laurel leaf in the wallet to increase abundance and abundance to put a laurel leaf in your wallet or bag.
Keep the leaf with your money and credit cards.
You can draw money symbols on the leaf, write your name or intention.
This bay leaves you will carry with you will bring you money, abundance and prosperity.
If you have a shop, you can put a laurel leaf under or under your safe. This will call success and new customers.

Burning bay leaves: Energy cleaning Daily Resin [/Button] Bay leaf and healing laurel; It helps to increase the healing energy. It is believed that burning bay leaves will make the healing more effective while performing or receiving any healing. During the healing, the laurel can be burned or only on the body – for example in your pocket. incense leaf https://egepazarindan.com/enerji- You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our cleaning-what-nasil-gap/ informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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