Vitamin C and E is a unique duo for your skin in tropical applications.
These two vitamins, which have high antioxidants alone, are much better when combining their powers.
There are other people, such as vitamin C and E. For example, zinc and magnesium or resveratrol and piper are among these duo.
There are also doubles that come together to come together, such as external vitamin C and retinol. nler-yol-acar/ The arrival of these two vitamins is a good first step for a shining skin.
Equalization of skin tone, skin repair, supported collagen production are some of the promises of this duo.
Experts C and E are called synergic vitamins. This means that they will give longer, more detailed and successful results in the body.
According to a new study, vitamin E accompanying vitamin C increases the effectiveness of vitamin C in the body 8 times more!
The two come together and fight against free radicals.
Vitamin E cleans free radicals. And then vitamin C further reduces oxidative stress in the cell membrane. Finally, vitamin C encourages the production of vitamin E in the body.
It is a known fact that the effectiveness of the duo is actually known for many years. For this reason, most of the vitamin C serum prepared for the skin contains in addition to vitamin E.
Vitamin E also undertakes tasks that stabilize and prevent deterioration in formulas. When there is no vitamin E, C is a topical with a very short shelf life.
Is vitamin C and E used together? If we were convinced that this duo gives this duo in external applications, let’s focus on the question of whether they can be taken together as an internal!
In fact, the situation does not change much in the internal reinforcements.
These two vitamins taken together in the reinforcement form increase the antioxidant power. It gives more effective results on collagen production in the body. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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