Monster grass; It is a garden pest known for cancer grass, lion’s mouth, orobansh, hyacinth, bostan bozan or Toraman.
It is fragrant, has a beautiful appearance. However, if the precaution is not taken, it seizes the entire garden in a short time and causes the crops to disappear.
Does the monster make photosynthesis? This parasite that cannot perform photosynthesis and does not contain chlorophyll is one of the largest nightmare of living gospels.

Blue flowering monster has different subtypes of this herb. It can be in different colors, in different ways. The most common is blue flowering monster grass.
Monster Grass Latin: Orobanche Ramosa L
This parasite survived by absorbing almost all of the food taken by plants from the soil; It prevents the development of bostan vegetables. It even causes them to die most of the time.
Tomatoes, eggplant, pepper, bean, tobacco, sunflower, potatoes, onions are the most common types of invasion from the garden.
In species such as wheat, barley and corn, the problem of monster is not common.
It can spread to the fields quite quickly. And because it is a very durable species, its struggle is quite difficult.

Monster struggle is quite challenging with this creature and the fields of fields.
The most effective method in the fight against chemicals in the fight against monster is clearly cleaning.
When the ground starts to be seen in the field, the soil should be made moist and the invasive plant roots should be cleaned from the field.
Monster is an unusual creature that can remain alive for more than 10 years under the ground. It is recommended to be destroyed by burning after being cleaned from the field.
If this is not possible, the collected plants should be packed and moved to a place away from the garden.
Use “that” chemicals and get rid of it completely to fight Orobansh.
However, the use of animal manure is known to be effective in the struggle. has mentioned that there are various sub-species of monster herb. Knowing which sub -type is under the invasion of your garden and taking various measures accordingly is also quite wise.
For example, flaxseed can be cultivated in the fight against common species.
But this will not be effective for any orobansh.
It is also known that wheat and barley cultivation is made in combating some sub -species.

What are the benefits of monster? This parasite, which has numerous damages for crops, is thought to have various benefits for human health.
In particular, it is known that it is used for problems such as respiratory complaints, cough, flu and colds. You can subscribe to our informalizing articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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